Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane


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  • 1.3 Zidane's retirement

Zinedine Zidane

Zinédine Zidane, is a Tunisian player Zinedine Zidane, born in the twenty-third of the month of June 1972 in Marseille, and at the age of forty-two years, and descended from Algerian origin, entered the football history of the wider doors, he is a football player earlier, and is currently coach of Real Madrid.

Managed to achieve a great victory for his country that won the World Cup for the national team, followed by Cup of Nations in Europe, and finally the Confederations Cup, also won Zidane for three consecutive times award for best player in the world, and was nominated by Pele in March 2004 and chosen to be among the top one hundred and twenty-five players.

The emergence of Zidane

The parents set up Zinedine Zidane Ismail and Malika in his hometown, located in the Kabylie region of Algeria to the north of the Republic, before the war broke out in Algeria in 1953.

He moved his parents before he was born later to stay in the northern suburb of the city of Marseille in the mid-sixties, and in the twenty-third of the month of June 1972 Rizk Ismail Pazin religion, and was the fifth among his sons son, and the beginnings of a game of football before the age of five, as it was practiced in his city neighborhoods in the stadium tartan.

Zidane's footballing life

Line player Zidane in 1988, his first step in his career with the team was French, and remained a player in this team until 1992 solutions m, and then joined the club Bordeaux, and three years later managed his team to make the Intertoto Cup, and in 1999 the passage scored second place in the UEFA Cup, and then managed to join the club Juventus.

Is Zidane the best player in Carlo Ancelotti's side as well as players Didier Deschamps and Olsangro Del Piero and Edgar Davids, two wins landslides with his team achieved in the Italian league events, the team moved to the final stages in the Champions League, but the victory was not their ally at this time.

Real Madrid joined the Spanish club in 2001 with M solutions, and this was the biggest in football history for the period of the deal amounted to eight consecutive years, but Cristiano Ronaldo came to exceed the last Zinedine Besafqath amounting to ninety-four million euros.

Zidane's retirement

It disappeared Zinedine Zidane's injury playing at the beginning of the World Cup football in 2002, and joined the third match in the tournament, was unable to French access team to the finals went out in the first round without goals, and announced his retirement from playing football in the twenty-fifth of the month of April 2005 after the world Cup finals in 2006.


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