Work sweetness hair way

Work sweetness hair way


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  • 2 sweetness hair
  • 3 ways of making sweet home 3.1 The first way 3.2 The second method
  • 3.1 The first way
  • 3.2 The second method
  • 4 errors Tjnbhe after hair removal
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Methods of Hair Removal

Seeking every woman to maintain its beauty and femininity, and is soft skin-free hair is important from this beauty part, as it is part of personal hygiene, so women seeking all ways to get rid of it, and the multiple of these methods including hair removal razor, or by laser sessions, or creams hair removal, or sugar (sweetness of hair), and this is what we will talk about in detail.

The sweetness of hair

Is considered a way of hair removal Ballaoh or sugar and lemon of the oldest known methods, characterized by strong Bmfolha hair removal where removes hair from the root and lasting effect for up to six weeks, and can be used throughout the body, and advantages they make skin smooth texture, and disadvantages they very painful especially for women sensitive skin, despite all the advantages but some medical studies show that it may cause relaxation of the skin for those who Akthern use them because of the sugar, and may also cause the appearance of varicose veins, but I do not mind used spaced without breeding periods. [1]

Methods of making sweet home

The first way

This method is one of the most well-known ways, and their components are: [2]


  • Tablespoon of the original honey.
  • Lemon juice one.
  • A small cup of water.
  • A small cup of sugar.

Preparation and use method: Preparation method based on the use of these steps:

  • National bring in a suitable container (cooker) Put the water and sugar, and then Aturkehma on the fire until mixed a little mixture, and after it starts to boil, add the lemon juice, then the national moving mix a little over medium heat, then Hdia fire to a lighter degree Aturkehm for half an hour, then turn off fire.
  • After that empty the national mix in a glass bowl and leave to cool and become a cohesive, then Ahfezah transparent plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator.
  • If you want to use this sweetness Okhreigna from the refrigerator the night before, then national Bthbliha little water only to become soft.
  • Wash your skin of oils before using them.
  • We recommend that you put children before powder hair removal Ballaoh because of its effect prevents allergy and irritation of your skin.
  • Anzei hair towards the hair growth, so as not to grow hair again incorrectly.
  • Make sure you remove hair lightly and speed do not even feel the pain.
  • After the completion of my hair remove another layer of powder children.
  • Wash your skin after two hours, and my moisturizer cream suitable to them.

The second method

This is the way of the easy ways to make the sweetness of hair removal, and components are: [3]


  • A cup of sugar.
  • 4 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • 4 tablespoons of water.

Preparation and Use

  • Dress mixing all the ingredients in a glass bowl suitable.
  • Place the mixture and then the microwave glass receptacle for about a minute until it turns into a homogeneous mixture tends to color to brown.
  • Stir well again, and then put it back in the microwave for 15 seconds.
  • After that Frga mix potted, and leave to cool and become coherent.
  • If you want to use the sweetness reheated for microwave for 20 seconds.
  • Before you will begin to remove the hair, wash your skin creams or oils.
  • Spread the sweetness on your skin with a wooden spoon, then put them cloth and Anzei hair as opposed to the direction of growth.
  • Ultimately wash your skin well and Rdobaha appropriate moisturizer.

Errors Tjnbhe after hair removal

After the completion of the process of hair removal Avoid these mistakes that will help you avoid allergy and skin irritation, namely: [4]

  • Avoid setting spray tanning: Avoid putting this hair sprays after removing from your skin Ballaoh or wax; Because it contains chemicals that seep quickly into the skin to the lack of hair, causing skin irritation and redness.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight: After hair removal become thin-skinned, and is removed the first layer of the skin with the hair, so it becomes very sensitive skin, if Ardtaha sunlight after hair short time removed, it will be very harmful for your skin to the interaction of the sun with your skin's rays result, so we recommend you remove the hair before two days if you want to go out the sun or swimming.
  • Avoid swimming after hair removal directly: the skin becomes weak after hair removal is Ghaderaly defending himself, so the swimming pools in the hair after the removal of a short period of exposure to contamination or infection of the water, which leads to Thejeh and redness and the appearance of grain.
  • Wear tight clothes: lead to wear tight clothes after hair removal to prevent special presses skin from breathing; Because as we pointed become sensitive and thin skin, and this may cause irritation and sensitivity to her, so avoid it and wear wide clothing.


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