Women's recipes bull

Women's recipes bull


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Taurus is the second tower of the twelve constellations of the zodiac circle, passing the sun in this tower from April 21 through May 21, and that happens in the spring, featuring live Taurus physical well-being, patience, passion, ambition, he is a strong assertive personality, and very jealous, and the advantage of calm and serenity and stability, and likes to go out in the day time he prefers the sun, enjoy a live bull character stubborn, likes material gain, in addition to the excellence of curiosity and love of knowledge and to reach its goal, and its ability to invest his time with something useful, and sometimes tends born tower bull unity and calm and this trait is the most prominent, but in some may act with something crazy, and unexpectedly, so as a way to achieve their goals which Aatmahon them, referred to as they are characterized by rapid mood volatility. [1]

Taurus woman recipes

Featuring women from other Taurus efficient; Because of its strange and powerful do not find it difficult thing, and is characterized by patience, calm and cold, and take responsibility, and do not arise easily and turn a blind eye to a lot of things, smart acumen does not affect them get high certificates as much as interest to them knowledge and frequent access to it be sticking to the basic principles, each article and leaving the difficulties and complexities in solving the problems of others, an example of women's practical, like all of reminding them of nature, dreams of love and adoration deep they are emotional, and dealing with a lot of stress due to work stress and anxiety, or her family or herself, though rarely what withdraws or collapse, or complain, or show signs of discomfort, and prefer to avoid searching for empathy, and rely instead on its independence and stability to overcome the situation, and know how to get things done by itself, is not afraid to enter into a new project or lead others, and often prefer work alone instead of working in a group, a determined woman when you need it, but they do not mind when someone else takes the lead, especially her partner, and often do not give allegiance only a small number of people, and will expect the same in return, They are always ready to provide support or guidance to those who trust them, but you may be disappointed if you do not easily get the same thing in return. [2]

Woman bull and love tower

As pick a woman Taurus her partner carefully, so it may take some time, but once you get it will be sincere too, referred to as female Taurus may sometimes be introverts, was due up in it to being often occupy leadership positions that require to fight a lot about things social, or conversations about her life and this is what takes the role of the leader, except for the need for isolation to rearrange its affairs own, as you schedule planning and choose the way you perceive the surrounding things. For personal life it is the life of an active renewable, characterized by calm, but when angry difficult to forget about it and overtaking him easily, a special smart woman with regard to financial matters, which has the capacity to deal with these things successfully, and spending the right face, making it perfectly suitable options professional related to money such as accounting. [3]

Bull and a woman working tower

Enjoying woman bull with great skill in financial matters, administrative and operational functions, they are harsh on themselves at work, but they work resolutely not neglect it, a delicate sense, and playful attract hearts easily, social in nature, friendly and faithful loyal, sometimes be chaotic and contentious in other times, be sober and quiet, her childhood remain printed in her memory and leave a clear impact on their actions, do not accept a substitute for love. If she loved you love sincerely and forever they are more ambiguous in love relationships, choose the man a deep emotions, and choose what suits her and matching, likes to attract fans in a big way and their need for compassion considerably, it is the way through which you can feel the stability and peace of mind, they are epitome of femininity and spontaneity, softness, wisdom, strength and passion, and usually ambitious at work and seek While raise its status, and has a high capacity for work, referred to as they enjoy to bear the responsibility of leadership and reliable in each lot of tasks, a personal care system and the arrangement does not like chaos, which will help her to complete the work quickly and accurately. [4]

Are also interested in female Taurus exterior form considerably in their appeal and looking for drawing attention, quiet hates surprises, kindness spontaneous, tenderness, an artist loves quiet music, painting, visiting galleries and museums, fluent in the fingers the language and learn from which the beauty in things, related to the customs and traditions and feel satisfied the great link to the lives of rural in nature Turabi, like natural places, good at the treatment of children at a young age more than Mrahlhalemraehgh Its role is very great as a mother, because of their tendency to impose obedience and adherence to the regime, and things that do not accept waived cleanliness, order and morality. [5]

Disadvantages praised Taurus

Despite the positive qualities enjoyed by the female Taurus but it is sometimes characterized by jealousy on the one you love, and in some jealousy often tend to selfishness, as she female mysterious do not like revealing all what you think or tell what you are doing, which makes it difficult to predict what you think about it, especially when dealing partner with them, which may cause some problems and turmoil in their relationship, referred to as she was a woman loves routine and loves renewal Mazn often may cause to enter the boredom in her life, a female stubborn may appear this trait in some situations, and then do not want to listen to the views of those who are around, and do not take the advice of one has entered this stubbornness in a lot of problems, and sometimes characterized by being non-confidence in one and Bchkea exaggerated others, what may cause, and in the event of harm may not tolerance of being hurt, even if the request Mghafrtha, has tended Ahana not to accept criticism or blame from one even if it was right, and may become narcissistic, and she loves herself so great. [5]

Video personality of Taurus

To get to know the personality of the Taurus watched the video.


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