Women recipes Scorpio

Women recipes Scorpio


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  • 3 General characteristics of the Scorpio woman 3.1 on the level of emotional relationships 3.2 at the level of work 3.3 Fashion Upper 3.4 at the level of friendship
  • 3.1 on the level of emotional relationships
  • 3.2 at the level of work
  • 3.3 Fashion Upper
  • 3.4 at the level of friendship


Astronomy and towers of important science that attracts tendencies of some people, to know their personalities and analysis, and knowledge of matters relating to emotional, social life, etc., and there is in the science towers many of the towers, which up to twelve towers, according to the birth date of the person.

Divided towers into several sections, including water and air-Turabi and fiery, and each section of which is characterized by the qualities of the particular, and is compatible Scorpio with Cancer and Virgo and Pisces, and contrasts with Aries and Gemini and Sagittarius, and Scorpio water-tower, and runs from 24 of the month of October until 23 November .

Women recipes Scorpio

And we will look to the qualities of women owner of the tower, it is one of the most women's exciting and mysterious, so as to be volatile mood at times and tend to natural things, Kaltjarb spirituality, as intense observation, as well as they are characterized by frankness and intelligence, and stay away from variegated and hypocrisy, and you see things in black white, which also do not give up easily and often self-confident, adding that women in Scorpio is characterized by intelligence in dealing with people.

General characteristics of the Scorpio woman

At the level of emotional relationships

They Ashqh and sincere partner of life, always seeking to facilitate the life of her partner as much as possible, and known that they do not like emotional artificial relations, always looking for full relations with love, sincerity and loyalty, and the person to warn of a betrayal of women from women with this tower, they do not easily forget.

At the level of work

Is Nahjh woman in every sense of the word, always seeking honesty and seriousness in its work, and has always insisted on the success and excellence and that determination and persistence, characterized by intelligence and skill in the completion of the work required, induce to stimulation and encouragement by offering rewards that make it easier to do the work a way that makes more accurate work and done seriously and responsibly.

Fashion Upper

Women in Scorpio with great interest in the form and view the outside, it reflects the character and extent of elegance, as we see in the process and the regular and formal meetings appear attractive and elegant suitable views, and we see another day filled with feminine and romantic in family events with exciting and beautiful views, and with this woman in Scorpio fashion does not follow random style blind, the pattern of her classic style, quiet and beautiful.

At the level of friendship

Scorpio woman loyal friend and favorite, choose friends carefully, especially those known for their dedication and loyalty, and do not forget the mistakes of others easily, but at the same time do not forget the positions that show magnanimity and meet friends.


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