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Windows 8

The 8 (Windows system in English: Windows 8) operating system computer personal computers (in English: personal computers) of the family of Windows NT (in English: Windows NT), has introduced this system important changes to the user interface ((English: User Interface) where It was modified according to the structure of the metro design (in English: Metro) modern suit technology touch screen (in English: screen touch) that are available in tablet devices and where touch is used to handle different applications, is not limited to the use of this system to run tablet devices (in English: tablets) but extends computer desktop (in English: desktop computers), and along with a different appearance and the developer for his previous operating systems such as Windows 7, it is characterized by running the fastest time and the best performance. [1]

Features Windows 8

8 Many Windows system provides the features and characteristics of users to provide a unique experience and developed in line with the use of modern technologies compared to previous versions, including:

  • Replace the Start (English menu: Start Menu): This has been replaced by the known screen menu larger start, which provides access to applications and other resources through large boxes (in English: tiles), and be in the form of a set of symbols placed in the network and this design is similar to exist in tablet devices. [1]
  • Taskbar (appearance in English: Charms bar): a bar located on the right side of the screen, is available to users at any time, helps to access certain, such as desktop search settings and general features. [1]
  • Shop windows (in English: Windows Store): allows users to share and purchase a variety of different applications compatible with Windows systems, supports store-based applications to Windows 8 RT system (Windows 8 RT). [2]
  • Windows To Go feature (in English: Windows To Go): This property offers users work full copy of the operating system (in English: operating system) them with their settings private (in English: settings), and background (in English: wallpapers), and files (in English : files), and even their applications (in English: apps) and put it on in a mobile drive (in English: USB), and when connected to any computer other device running Windows system 8 can for this version to work and make [the components of operating systems

| Operating System] in the new device is completely similar with which is usually used while maintaining all sound settings. [2]

  • Update Internet Aksplolr Browser (English: Internet Explorer): where it became supports three dimensional formats (in English: CSS 3-D), local storage in the database, and many modern features, in addition to the browser response became faster. [2]
  • The user interface design Metro (English: Metro): Microsoft has redesigned the user interface to make it more convenient for applications that touch, have been replaced by the Start menu (in English: Start menu) screen with direct applications addresses, and also provides design multitasking browsing through applications screen both sides. [2]
  • Portable devices: The Nokia Company (in English: Nokia) is the leading company in the use of the Windows operating system to run mobile phones, and now acceded to both Samsung (in English: Samsung), and Motorola (in English: Motorola), and Huawei (in English: Huawei) and others, The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia have contributed to the growth of mobile Windows Marketplace (in English: Windows phone) and applications available to them, run Windows 8 systems for mobile features and enjoy safety systems and other Windows, such as encryption and safe operation, and others. [2]
  • Speed ​​System Restore (in English: System Recovery): This process fixes the issues through the system is reset to the basic settings and offers 8 feature a Windows system update the device in less than 10 minutes to re-install a new version with the retention of personal data and basic system settings and applications. [3 ]
  • Integration of anti-virus software (in English: Antivirus) with the defense system: the user will not need to download anti-viruses program, where the integration of Microsoft Security Essentials program (English: Microsoft Security Essentials) prepared to protect the computer from viruses with the defense system and the Windows system 8. [ 3]
  • Synchronization cloud (in English: Cloud sync): the system allows synchronization of many applications with electronic cloud, such as the address book, and images, and even data within applications, and can be accessed from any computer running Windows 8 system even if it is a completely new device, all you need to do is sign in. [4]

Versions of Windows 8

It was launched more than one version of Windows 8 system to comply with the different requirements of users and meet their needs according to the nature of their work, and these versions are: [1]

  • Version of Windows 8 Basic (in English: Windows 8 Core): It is the first version of this system is available in two versions are 32-bit and 64-bit for both PCs and tablets powered devices with a processor with a model X-86 (English: x86), and includes many features In addition to updating the Internet browser Aksplolr (in English: Internet Explore), and task manager (in English: task manager), and the ability to switch languages ​​easily.
  • Version of Windows 8 Pro (in English: Windows 8 Pro): known version Professional (in English: Professional) which was built based on the basic version in English: (Windows 8 Core) with the addition of associated features of institutions and entrepreneurs, such as desktop remote management (in English : Remote Desktop), system bit encryption Walker (in English: BitLocker), virtual simulation.
  • Version of Windows 8 Enterprise (English: Windows 8 Enterprise): This version was built on the Windows 8 Pro (in English: Windows 8 Pro) with the addition of features is concerned with information technology, targeting users who are interested in securing software (in English: Software Assurance).
  • Version of Windows 8 RT (English: Windows 8 RT): It is the newest member of the family of Windows systems 8 also known as Windows Orem (in English: Windows ARM), and this version is available only on personal computers and tablet devices that are powered by the same Orem model processors (English: ARM light) weight which keeps the device's battery life, the system has improved the work version touch technology for both Microsoft programs (in English: Microsoft), such as: Word program (in English: Word), and Excel (in English: Excel), and PowerPoint (English: PowerPoint), and forms the basis of a new generation of applications developed touch technology, and connected to the Internet.

Windows 8 requirements

Windows system requires 8 to download on computers or portable devices several specifications must be available where works well, including: [1]

  • Processor (English: CPU): it should be the speed of the CPU 1 GHz or faster.
  • RAM (Memory in English: RAM): must be 1 GB of memory for 32-bit versions and 2 GB for 64-bit versions are capacity.
  • Storage (English Capacity: Storage): Storage must be 16 GB for 32-bit versions and 20 GB for 64-bit versions.
  • Graphic requirements: video card with (model Microsoft DirectX capable-9) with the display unit (Windows Display Driver Model).


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