Why is the man called his wife

Why is the man called his wife

Divorce in the language is vacuum and demobilization, it is said the captive was any empty path, camel if Surgut unleashed themselves, and idiomatically is a solution in the marriage; Ornament fun pair unfurled his wife. The divorce is the one who ends his married life between the spouses, as he began Viaudan strangers, do not come back to him like her and do not have like it, do not live together; And he does not see anything of her body, as she came out of no longer married to his analyst. The divorce as the Messenger of Allah, blessings and peace is halal but God Almighty hate (no muslim to God divorce), which is the only thing that God analyzed the Almighty and his hatred, he ordered married life ends the family that is supposed and thrown down to be the nucleus of the Muslim community .

Social divorce as a case has a lot of reasons, including what may be valid, including what is trivial does not require mere discussion; How do if a couple arrived divorce stage. And the divorce is the solution radical and remote marital relationship if it is impossible for the two parties should continue in this relationship more. In the divorce is not a party Kspan, Valpartyat Khasran both, even was right and it was impossible for divorce from the life of salvation; It destroys society, especially if the result of this relationship children, Vicuo victim of this decision.

Of the causes of divorce can be the man; Be in the lack of understanding or lack of understanding of his wife, the wife of her husband, thereby creating this situation of lack of understanding many problems may not end any peaceful solution, but the man may resort to divorce to relieve himself of this relationship without understanding. Convinced the man Bstute and full control, and that his wife is just decoration at home; And it does not have to bed and breeding ground for the children, if his wife was from women who Tervdhan such a view inadequate; Vststhil life of such a man with a woman like her, he wants a follower and not a wife, wants to spend her animal lust and without any rights to them. Not convinced by the beauty of his wife; Either physically or morally beautiful, Fraath foreign women makes him see his wife less beautiful than their counterparts; Or that weight has increased from what it was in the past, forgetting that they may have gained excess weight from giving birth to his children, it begins to raise problems with them; It certainly will respond similarly; It becomes a personal conviction that he was not able to complete Aa his life with her.

Of the reasons that may call for a man to worthy of his wife, frequent intervention of people in his life, he has become an independent self-contained all the world, and took this as his wife girl to live in a world of them, but surprised the intervention of people in all matters of daily life, especially the intervention of her mother in the affairs of his family, especially the wife's mother, she gives her daughter tips that might ruin her life with viscosity, and be the greatest misfortune that the wife listen to the words of her mother and is implemented strictly, as if out of the house with her mother without taking her husband's consent, this could push the pair to anger them It is at its disposal, where she must take her husband's consent before going out, but her mother has asked her to go out with her without telling her husband. One reason for the large number of wife's requests, which may exceed often the husband's ability to meet them, the wife required is not interested in where it comes from her husband money to get what you want, FH want to be better than all its peers, and this tired psychological man; And it makes him feel an ATM machine for her, Vernfr them and increasing difficulties in front of them; Completely Afiktna that her divorce is the only salvation.

It causes man to divorce his wife for many, including what is to be caused; Including what the wife is the primary reason for the termination of this relationship, but in all cases; The parties must Atvhma each other, to complement their lives as initiated by the first conviction and try the success of the relationship, the intransigence and extremism not only lead to ruin; And ending the relationship was beautiful around her intransigence to hell must get out of it.


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