Why is pounding nails

Why is pounding nails


  • 1 hypothyroidism
  • 2 biotin deficiency
  • 3 Eating Disorders
  • 4 Other reasons
  • 5 Video for broken nails
  • 6 References


One deficiency is the most important health problems of the thyroid gland that causes brittle nails; When deficiency occurs in the thyroid gland, they do not produce sufficient amounts of hormones that must be produced, causing the slow process of metabolism, according to an article published by Harvard Medical School, when it slows the metabolism of food, the sweating becomes less; Where the race is considered a natural moisturizer for the body, which leads to dry skin and brittle nails and cracking. [1]

Biotin deficiency

Biotin is also known as vitamin (7) or vitamin (H), and this vitamin helps the body to do the metabolism of amino acids needed for healthy hair and nails; People who suffer from a lack of biotin, may also suffer from brittle nails, paper, and hair loss. [2]

Eating Disorders

The problem of eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa, one of the problems that cause brittle nails and hair; People who suffer from it, have a severe fear of weight gain, and therefore are keen to reduce calorie intake dramatically, and thus not eating adequate amounts of nutrients to maintain useful hair healthy and sound and nails. [2]

other reasons

There are many reasons that lead to brittle nails, including: [1]

  • Fungal infection of the nails.
  • Overactive thyroid gland.
  • Psoriasis nails.
  • Reactive arthritis.
  • Iron deficiency.
  • Heatstroke.
  • Frequent washing of hands.
  • Injuries or repeated trauma to the nail.
  • Exposure to chemicals; Such as nail polish remover.
  • Use long nail polish. [3]
  • Advancing age. [3]
  • Exposure to wet conditions, such as: frequent swimming, washing dishes. [3]
  • Seasonal climate changes; When the temperature changes the body adapts to these changes, as does the nails. [4]

Video for broken nails

For more information about breaking nails watched video.


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