Why eat camel

Why eat camel


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  • 3 Beauty adapted to live in the desert
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Food sentences

The beauty of the carnivorous animals of the herb, which you can eat plants that can not afford most of the other animals eat, do not eat meat at all, [1] and plants that eat beauty: thorns, dry leaves, Alrgl, and when food provides a lot of beauty, they are stored fat in an area on the back, which is a dromedary, [2] and beauty can drink about 113 liters of water in just 13 minutes, according to research conducted by the University of Singapore when less food and water, the fat stored in the hump secrete water; Where all sorts of 9.3 g fat amount of 1.13 g of water; So beauty can live up to six months without food or water. [1]

The benefits of camel hump

Beauty has the ability to survive without water for weeks, and beauty has Snama one, or two, depending on the kind, [3] and it can be up humped weight to 35 kg, [4] and store beauty fat in the hump, rather than distributed to the body , fat in it in the process of metabolism and is used when the beauty remains long time without food, then store more once you find food, and helps humped camels also to regulate the temperature of its body, at higher temperatures considerably in the desert during the day, or have decreased dramatically during the night. [3]

Beauty adapted to live in the desert

Beauty has many things to help them adapt to live in the desert; The beauty of mammals that have Orgela long, noon convex, and word of mouth large, there are two types of beauty: the beauty of Arab, and which owns Snama one beauty, two-humped, as it has three eyelids to protect them from blowing sand, and two rows of eyelashes long to protect their eyes, Beauty can also close noses during sand storms. [1]


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