Who is the founder of the Saudi club Al-Ahli

Who is the founder of the Saudi club Al-Ahli


  • 1 Saudi club Al-Ahli 1.1 Date of establishment of the Saudi club Al-Ahli 1.2 Changing the Saudi Al-Ahli Club Name 1.3 achievements of the Saudi Al-Ahli Club
  • 1.1 Date of establishment of the Saudi club Al-Ahli
  • 1.2 Changing the Saudi Al-Ahli Club Name
  • 1.3 achievements of the Saudi Al-Ahli Club

Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli Club

Compete in Saudi Arabia, many prestigious clubs, and Ahli club football poles of Saudi Arabia and Al Ittihad and Al Hilal and Al Nasr and Al Shabab and other clubs that made her name in the Kingdom, and is the oldest club sports was established in Saudi Arabia is Al Ittihad which was established in the city of Jeddah in 1927 AD, and in the same city and ten years later founded a new Saudi club Al Ahli in 1937 AD.

Occupies Ahli Saudi or the club as he calls supporters of this team ranked third in the number of times to win the Saudi Pro League title won after the most wins Hilal won the Saudi where he won the title 15 times, ranking the first place the league, followed by the Saudi second Union Club who won the title 14 times, and the club Al Ahli in the story of its foundation, where he drove her strength in the name of the football world of local, Arab and international.

The history of the Saudi Al-Ahli Club Foundation

The idea of ​​establishing the club of the farmer's oldest school started schools in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and in this school four young people bound together by a strong friendship and bound together by a relationship of brotherhood and love in a residential neighborhood Old said to him Sham hot, and in the Dar Al Batterjee meet Hola young people a day, and in this forum grew the idea of ​​establishing sports club gathered them meet him outside the boundaries of their school, and this was in 1937 AD corresponding to 1357 Hegira when these young people assigned to their mentor Qadeer Hassan Mahmoud Shams.

Was chosen as this professor precisely because it was the most prominent players union in that period, and agreed this player on the idea of ​​establishing the club Al Ahli after a dispute that broke out between him and the Union management, so chose to leave the Union Club to establish the idea of ​​Al-Ahli Club, Vtosst Club, which includes Abdul Raouf Batterjee, and the age of the sun, good sun, good Batterjee, were selected from the elite players from the city of Jeddah, and was two colors blue and white are the official logo for that club.

The club continued to exercise its activities until 1939 AD, which stopped as a result of the Second World War, the Group resumed its activity again in 1949 AD Omar Mahmoud Shams management after the death of his brother Hassan Shams in 1943 AD, and the most prominent changes in the club in 1949 AD is to change the club logo to the green and white colors which are considered the current logo of the club, and in this period also won the royal patronage under the patronage of Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal.

Change the name of the Saudi club Al-Ahli

In 1951 AD it changed the club's name to the gap name in the era of the good pleasure of SPI, and highlighted the achievements of his reign is His Highness the Crown Prince Cup which was won by the gap in 1957 AD, but in 1961 AD changed the club's name to its previous name, a Ahli in the President Abdel Fattah Abed Rabbo.

Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli Club achievements

  • 1957 AD: won the Crown Prince Cup.
  • 1978 AD: The first Saudi team Arabic playing with the first team of Brazil.
  • 1985 AD: Gulf Cooperation Council Championship Football Club Champions.
  • 1986 AD: the team won the title runners-Asian continent Club Championship in football.
  • 1988 AD: it celebrated the golden jubilee, was the first Arab clubs and Saudi Arabia, the world's celebration involving them Mardin.


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