Where went the Pharaohs

Where went the Pharaohs

Pharaonic civilization

Pharaonic civilization of the largest historic civilizations that emerged in the world, the rule of the Pharaohs continued in Egypt along the 30 pharaonic family ownership, and the highlight of his successors, the effects are the pyramids in Giza, which scientists, researchers and physicists are still unable to provide scientific explanations that illustrate the ways in which followed the Pharaohs in building these pyramids were not able to identify the chemicals used by the Pharaohs in the embalmed mummy, which have maintained their temples bone intact even after thousands of years, if what was advanced Pharaonic civilization in science and engineering to this point what caused the disappearance of the civilization of this development and progress.

Where went the Pharaohs

According to Roy in the Koran, the Pharaoh and his soldiers drowned in the sea during the persecution of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, and with him the security of the Jews, but where disappeared the rest of the Pharaohs? Where went the Pharaonic ruling families?

The owners of this interpretation is likely that the Pharaonic civilization in Egypt weakened and collapsed due to external invasion of Egypt repeated by other civilizations that existed at the time, according to the following order:

  • Invasion Hyksos Egypt: the tribes of Asian inhabited Iraq and the Levant, and as a result of climate change, which migrated Hyksos to Egypt to settle in northern Egypt, and receive matters of governance in the period between 1786- 1560 BC, until the Pharaoh Ahmose to fight them expelled to Asia.
  • Assyrian invasion: Assyrians lived in Iraq, and they invaded Egypt and occupied between 671-661 BC, until they were expelled by the pharaoh Psammetik first.
  • Invasion Alokhmonaon: The Alokhmonaon They are the kings of Persia control of all roads leading to the Mediterranean Sea, in the period between BC 525-405, and drove them to Ieoodwa occupation in 343-332 BC.
  • Greek Invasion: The Alexander the Great invaded Egypt and occupied in the period between 332-305 BC, and appointed himself pharaoh to Egypt, and continued pharaonic rule on Egypt but not the rule of the Pharaohs original, but the rule of the Pharaohs Greeks, so shared the biggest followers of Alexander the territory of Egypt after his death , and here he began the pharaohs indigenous Greeks and mingle marry one of them to be integrated into them and began the Pharaonic civilization disappear.
  • Roman invasion: The Romans fight against the Greeks in Egypt and fight them until they received things rule in Egypt, and have published Christianity in Egypt, in the period between 30-305 BC, during the Roman rule of Egypt completely disappeared Pharaonic civilization, and only their effects remain, including timeless yet.


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