Where was born Neymar

Where was born Neymar


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Soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was born on the fifth day of the month of February of the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two AD in Mogi das Cruises area of ​​the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and lived his early life, a lover of sport, has played with the club Santos for young people at the beginning of his career.

It became Neymar father when he was 19 years old only contributed significantly to the maturity and development, which is one of the richest players around the world, and the face of business for many international brands in the world of football, and knows about Neymar that he is committed to his religion, and his relationship with a good father he runs his all his works and projects. [1]

Clubs that have joined Neymar

Is a professional Neymar to play [What are the laws of football | football], and he plays with FC Barcelona in Spain, and began his professional career with the Brazilian national team in 2010 against the American team. [2]

In 2006, the club signed the Spanish Real Madrid with Neymar an amount estimated at about 60 thousand euros only, but Santos when he saw that Neymar has great talent, it is possible to obtain exorbitant amounts affect the club positively paid a million euros for Real Madrid, to terminate the deal concluded with them, and in 2010 was West Ham's first European club forward a formal offer for Neymar but the Brazilian club refused to sell it at that time to continue with him for three additional years. [2] [3]

Playing professionally and Neymar

Play Neymar at the age of an early-year-old with Brazilian club Santos, and in the month of March for the year two thousand and nine began his career when he was at the age of only seventeen years; Where he was able to achieve victories for Santos at the time, has Neymar finished the first seasons with the first team of Santos with ten goals out of thirty-three games have played, and shortly after the passage became Neymar star first in the club, scrambling upon presentations from top clubs global in the European continent, and despite the club's stuck to him, but he moved to the club, which occupies the first place in recent years, a club in Barcelona in 2013, and still the real deal for the player unknown value; Because of conflicting figures between different points, which currently plays in the offensive line next to the player nicknamed Balbarghut Argentina's Lionel Messi, and Aloroyjoaana Luis Suarez, and appreciates the value of a transfer Neymar to Barcelona 91 million euros. [2] [3]

Many experts and analysts believe that the athletes Neymar will be the first star on the world stage, after the end of the era of Argentine Lionel Messi and his rival Cristiano Ronaldo; Where he achieved Neymar Confederations Cup after beating the Spanish team in the final, as he starred in the North American Cup, scoring nine goals, Neymar and almost complete his paralyzed after a stroke suffered in his back in the quarter-final collected Brazil against the elected Colombian Cup the world in 2014 primarily in Brazil, did not finish his career Neymar in the tournament because of the break in one of the paragraphs of his back, as the divine intervention and care prevented the injury paralyzed. [2] [3]

Achievements Neymar

Was able to Neymar that achieves a range of titles with his former club Santos, the current club Barcelona, ​​whether these collective or individual titles, and is expected by many march legendary if kept at the same level and work on developing and improving it, it is a distinctive talent rarely football to give birth like her, and titles Neymar and heroic: [3]

  • Paulista Championship (Brazilian League) in the following years: 2010, and 2011, and 2012 with Santos.
  • Brazil Cup in 2010 with Santos.
  • Libertadores Cup in 2011 with Santos.
  • Spanish league for the season 2015.
  • Copa America for the season 2015.
  • Spanish Super Cup for the season 2013 with FC Barcelona.
  • Champions for the 2015 season with FC Barcelona League.
  • South American Youth Championship for the season 2011.
  • Brazilian league in 2010, and 2011, and 2012.
  • Olympic silver medal for the season 2012 in the London Olympics with the Brazilian team.
  • Confederations Cup in 2013 with the Brazilian team.
  • The best player in South America for the years 2011 - 2012 AD.
  • Cup top scorer in Brazil for the season 2010.
  • Top scorer in the South American Youth Championship season of 2011.
  • Puskas Award for the year 2011.
  • Top scorer in the Brazilian championship in 2012 - 2013 m.
  • Top scorer in the Libertadores Cup in 2012.
  • Golden Ball award for 2013 as the best player in the Confederations Cup held in Brazil.
  • Third place award for best player in the world.
  • More athletes who have the value of marketing around the world for the year 2013.


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