Where sugar is extracted

Where sugar is extracted


  • 1 sugar cane
  • 2 Beet
  • 3 Maple
  • 4 Date Palm
  • 5 white corn
  • 6 types of sugar
  • 7 References

sugar cane

Sugar cane is grown in the tropics, and to extract sugar from it is cleaned and remove impurities from it, and then cut into small pieces and crushed, and then boiled until it becomes a drink thick textures, and add small particles of reed seeds to form sugar crystals, then put the mixture into a centrifuge to separate machine sugar for drink crystals, repeat raw sugar in the sugar refinery and covered with a thin layer of molasses remaining plants from the process of sugar extraction, and remove the thin layer covering the sugar refinery, and using Centrifuges central very fast is mixed with sugar in a hot syrup where consists syrup dark brown , and then dissolve the crystals washed in water and filtered using a mechanical filter, to produce a pure sugar and liquid water, then this is steaming liquid to extract sugar crystals from it, dry it and store it. [1]


Beet root or beets contain high sucrose by up to 17% in the mature fruit, and thus the content of sugar beet than in sugar cane. [2]


Refined maple syrup, which consists mainly of sucrose and glucose as sweeteners, where maple sugar is made in the regions of North America a long time ago is used. [2]

Date Palm

Palm grows in the desert oasis in North Africa, and Southwest Asia also, this palm medium size with a length of 15 to 25 meters, and sugar is extracted from it locally on a small scale. [2]

White Corn

White maize in tropical and subtropical areas are found in East Africa, and is grown in Southern Europe, Central America, South Asia, and the sugar is extracted from seeds locally on a small scale. [2]

Types of sugar

Sugar is extracted from the main sources mentioned earlier and then some minor amendments take place and convert it into different types, namely: [3]

  • White sugar: is the most common among people sugar; It features a small crystals do not clump.
  • Brown sugar: is obtained by mixing white sugar with molasses, and is used in sauces and baked.
  • Liquid sugar: is a white sugar are dissolved in water, and is used to sweeten drinks.


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