Where is Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli club headquarters

Where is Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli club headquarters


  • 1 Saudi club Al-Ahli 1.1 home 1.2 Anjazath 1.3 Players 1.4 Technical device
  • 1.1 home
  • 1.2 Anjazath
  • 1.3 Players
  • 1.4 Technical device

Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli Club

Ahli Club one of the major clubs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headquartered in the western part of the city of Jeddah, specifically in Prince Mohammed bin Abdaezzbz Street, located in the neighborhood of Rehab, and back the club is established to the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven AD, nicknamed the club Kalaat cups, upscale and the Ambassador of the homeland, the royal title which was launched by Prince Sultan bin Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and is two colors; Green and white colors, which Ertdehma players in their games.


The club takes from the King Abdullah International Stadium known stadium radioactive jewel venue for matches its own, since the month of April for the year two thousand and fourteen AD, the stadium is part of the parts of King City Abdullah Sports in the western part of the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and there is the stadium in the north side of King international Airport, Abdul-Aziz is credited in the structural engineering design teacher company Arup & Partners, and pledged my company Mhaideb Saudi Arabia and Pescas Albalijkih implementation of the project under the Aramco management of Saudi Arabia, and the total construction cost Khmsaih and eighty million euros.

Absorptive capacity of the stadium up to sixty-two spectators, and the most important characteristic filled the stadium seats being distributed, and numbered professional manner, and the stands are divided into four sections; As the first section (first class), and Section II (medium grade) each one of which can accommodate four and twenty thousand spectators, while the third section expands to fourteen thousand people, the fourth section contains hundreds of special seats.


  • Saudi Crown Prince Cup champion in six seasons.
  • Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup champion in sixteen seasons.
  • Saudi Premier League champions in eight seasons.
  • Prince Faisal bin Fahd Cup champion in three season.
  • Gulf Cup champion clubs in three seasons.
  • Arab Union Club Cup champion in just one season.


  • Forwards: Omar Al Somah, and Muhannad Asiri, Saleh Al Omari, and Siraj Islam, and Yasser Fahmi.
  • Midfielders: Walid Bachncoan, Fahad Hamad and Nabil Bahoui, facilitate Jassim, and Giannis Fetfatzidis, and housain al-mogahwi, and Abdullah Al-Mutairi, and Salman index, and Zakaria Sami, and Raed Al-Ghamdi, and Ryan Mousa, and Mustafa Al-Bassas.
  • Line of defense: Ali al-Zubaidi, and Osama Hawsawi, and Mohammed Al-fuse, and Mohammed Abdul Shafi, Abdul Ilah Bukhari, Aqeel Bulgat, and Motaz Hawsawi, and Mohammed Aman, and Mansour Al-Harbi, Kurdish and Aker, and the whole of Moses.
  • Goalkeepers: Yasser Al Mosailem, Abdullah Mayouf, Ahmad Rehaily, and on behalf of Atallah.

art Device

  • Czech team coach: Christian Gross.
  • Czech Republic's first assistant: Pavel Rihakk.
  • Second Assistant Czech: John Komatc.
  • Czech coach guards: Gordes Samorka.
  • Tunisian fitness coach: Firas Bali.
  • Saudi supervisor administrative system: Bassem Abu Daoud.
  • Saudi Administrative Assistant: Abdul Salam Sagnawa.


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