Where is grown Red Dragon plant

Where is grown Red Dragon plant

Red Dragon

Plant Albataya, or Betahaya, or what is known as Shetty Red Dragon, is a type of fruit from a family Abbarriet, named after the Red Dragon in English translation of the name of the Chinese language, contain a lot of vitamins as vitamin C, and B1, B2, and many minerals including iron , calcium, phosphorus, and the amount of calories in a single pill of which ninety calories, making it one of the most important and most fruits benefit to the human body at all.

Red dragon fruit that were not known in the Arab countries, only a few years ago, but they are widely available now at large stores in the fruit section, or in the Department of Asian foods, its cultivation spread in the country, located in the east of the continent of Asia and South Asia, such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Cyprus , but it is native to Mexico, was transferred this fruit from there to Asia by European explorers who passed it on merchant ships.

Benefits of the Red Dragon

  • It contains a very small amount of cholesterol, which helps the body in the process of digestion in the body to keep healthy, and is considered the fruit of the fruits that help the body to maintain body weight; Because it does not contain many calories and works on Achaabag body's desire to eat sweet eating.
  • It helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body bad, because it contains good natural fats, which keeps the integrity of the heart and strength.
  • It cleans the digestive system, because it contains a large amount of fiber, which helps in the process of digestion, and helps to get rid of constipation if ingested with the chaff, and helps fiber also in which to improve the level of sugar in the blood and keep it in its normal levels.
  • Antioxidants large the amount, which has a key role in the fight against cancer cells in the body, and more benefits of concern to women. Shetty found the Red Dragon, it works to mitigate the effects of aging, and the reason for this is an antioxidant that works to tighten skin and can be used to make a mask for the skin by mixing it with honey.
  • Add red dragon diet works daily to eliminate all types of infections that affect the human body, and the pain felt by, making it a natural medicine.
  • Red Dragon works to mitigate the effects of sunburn and alleviate pain by mixing red dragon with cucumber, a little honey and pork fat on the skin.


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