Where is Google Inc.

Where is Google Inc.


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Know Google (English: Google) as one of the American companies and the world is very famous all over the world; Because it is characterized by many of the services offered within the Internet, as is the Google of the most specialized companies in the search online through the use of engine and browser Google search its own, which is used by millions of people every day from all over the world, and since the beginning of the new millennium began Google Inc. wide competition with many other international companies working in the field of Internet services, Google and proven over a short period of time as one of the best and most important companies interested in information technology over the Internet. [1]

The founding of Google Inc.

The first ideas back to the founding of Google Inc., to the last quarter of the twentieth century; Where he participated Klz from students at Stanford Sergey Brin University, and Larry Page in a scientific study project at the university through the submission of a search engine letter in 1995, and launched on this engine Google's name, and won their idea lecturers admiration at the university; Because of the simplicity of the engine design, easy to use in the search for data and electronic information within the Internet.

After the success of the Google site within the scope of Stanford University and the United States of America, it was announced officially launched in 1998, and so turned Google site from the mere participation of research at the university to the official site attracts many people every day, and with the passage of time has become Google's most popular site site a world of niche sites in the search using the Internet, Google and still achieve continuous development; Because of the many services, products, and ideas that have contributed to the development and improvement of research methods of electronic, many provided useful solutions for Internet users who resort to for many search results Google site, whether public or specialized in the field of work and study. [2]

The geographical location of Google

Following the success of Google Inc. in its production Google search engine, it opened its first headquarters in the garage to repair cars in California, and then enables the organizers of the company to expand the garage to become the official headquarters of Google since 2004, and is still the main offices of Google is located in the state of California to now, [2] with the development of the geographical spread of the company Google all over the world, was opened more than seventy office of the company in about forty countries around the world and contributed to providing the ability to communicate with users by visiting the main site of Google Inc. or its affiliated offices. [3]

Google branches around the world

Google works in the main company in the United States of America Global and its branches more than 20,000 thousand employees in many different jobs in the company, and the following list of most of the American branch offices and global Google: [4]

Google targets

Google is seeking to achieve a set of goals in the world of the Internet and information, and the most important: [5]

  • Interest in the Google site users: the first is the primary objective of Google; It is keen to provide the best service experience for users in your search for information, so Google is keen to provide a variety of media research, and correspond to the types and categories of users who rely on Google search engine for many things within their interest.
  • The provision of assistance and services quickly: is the goal which relies on Google's role in contributing to the provision of adequate assistance to users, especially if they faced any problems or difficulties while dealing with Google browser or any of the services provided by the company.
  • Achieve objectivity in the search results: are the goals that Google is seeking to always apply; It is keen not to prejudice any category, whether private individuals or international companies when viewing the search results for users, but the Google browser to provide all the results available about the search word, or phrase added by the user in the custom search box within the browser, and so check Google objectivity in its work.
  • Update the information permanently: it is one of the main objectives of Google; It is keen to provide new information in the search results for electronic, thus contributing to the provision of new information cumulatively, by providing the latest talk, and then the old Valokdm information, which appear on search pages own browser engine Google.


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