What the treatment of abdominal pain

What the treatment of abdominal pain


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  • 2.1 lifestyle modifications
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Tummy ache

Often crosses the abdominal pain from the pain felt by the patient in the area beneath the rib cage and above the pelvis and groin, ranging in pain intensity between mild and severe, it may be a slight pain in some cases, it may be too severe prevents the person's ability to eat and drink, it can be said that people all may suffer from abdominal pain, even for one time in their lives, and despite the lack of sense of the mechanism that operates the abdominal organs, but the feeling of abdominal pain conclusive evidence of a disorder in physiology in there, Kalmadh, fine, intestines and bowel large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, it is worth mentioning that a disturbance in the functions of these organs may be a temporary and very simple Vizul of its own, and rarely to be the reason behind the feeling of pain abdominal suffering from a serious health problem. [1]

Treatment of abdominal pain

The treatment of abdominal pain depends on the cause, mainly, for example, in case the reason behind the feeling of abdominal pain is suffering from a health problem or exposure to certain injury, the treatment will be treating these causes, can be ways to explain the general treatment are as follows: [1]

Lifestyle modifications

Can make some adjustments to lifestyle to control abdominal pain, and among the most important of these amendments statement follows: [1] [2]

  • Eat in moderation if the underlying cause of injury abdominal pain is a frequent food.
  • Reduce the intake of foods causing gases if the gases are causing abdominal pain.
  • Lie down on the left side to ease the feeling of pain, as this can lie down helps make the gut.
  • Eating too much fiber and drinking water in case of constipation is the underlying cause of suffering from abdominal pain.
  • Control of the tension and exercise that helps to relax, because tension causes increased abdominal pain worse.
  • Put a bottle of hot water on the abdomen.
  • Careful to eat a large amount of healthy liquids such as water.
  • To refrain from drinking alcohol, so what is caused by drinking alcohol to increase the pain worse.
  • Reduce coffee and tea intake, so as to cause these beverages increase the pain worse.
  • Premium care enough to take comfort.

Pharmaceutical treatments

The choice of medication on the underlying cause of the feeling of abdominal pain, and there are some cases where the patient requires injection intravenous fluids to compensate for the shortfall, and pharmaceutical options that can be resorted to as follows: [1] [2]

  • pain killers; Although most cases do not go away the pain directly when taking painkillers, but they significantly reduce its severity, it is worth mentioning that there are many drugs that are classified as sedatives for pain, including paracetamol (in English: Paracetamol) which is recommended for use in cases of the feeling of pain is simple, and are advised to read the instructions that come with paracetamol, and careful not to daily doses exceeded the allowed, and also pain relievers: aspirin and anti-inflammatory, but it is advised not to take these medications without consulting a specialist doctor; As if these drugs may increase the patient feeling abdominal pain in some cases.
  • Antacids (in English: Antacids), and resorted to in some cases of abdominal pain.
  • Antibiotics (in English: Antibiotics).
  • Antidepressants (in English: Antidepressants), but given low doses in the event of feeling pain in the abdomen.

The causes of abdominal pain

A wide range of factors and health problems that may cause a sense of injured abdominal pain, can be the most common statement as follows: [3]

  • Inflammation gastrointestinal: also known as inflammation of the stomach and intestines (in English: Gastroenteritis), although most of these cases are caused by exposure to certain types of bacteria or viruses, often heal within two days, and the cases where the symptoms for more than two days often lasts indicate suffering from more serious health problem, such as inflammatory bowel disease (in English: inflammatory bowel disease).
  • IBS: (English: Irritable bowel syndrome), and is the health condition not to the body's ability to digest certain types of food, and it is worth a statement that the cause of IBS is unknown to now, and in fact often have the feeling of abdominal first symptoms of pain injury IBS visible, and often hide the pain when the infected waste output.
  • Esophageal reflux gastric: The case Bartjaa stomach acids into the esophagus, causing a burning feeling, and abdominal pain.
  • Stomach: (English: Gastritis), inflammation is inflammation and swelling of the membrane lining of the stomach, and this may cause a sense of injured abdominal pain, and other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and bloating.
  • The inability to afford food: (English: Food intolerances), feels the injured in these cases, abdominal pain because of breaking down food in such cases by bacteria in the stomach and intestines.
  • Crohn's disease: (English: Crohn's disease), and shows the disease as a result of inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract, and this is what causes a sense of injured abdominal pain, and suffering from flatulence and diarrhea.
  • Wheat allergy disease: (English: Celiac disease), known as the disease that the patient's sensitivity to a protein known as gluten (in English: Gluten) which is found in wheat, barley and some other foods, this disease causes inflammation minute, which the intestine that leads to the patient feeling pain in abdomen.


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Video treatment of abdominal pain and diarrhea

The number of cases of diarrhea annually by two million case! Also usually accompanied by abdominal pain, how it can be cured? :


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