What sport months in Spain

What sport months in Spain


  • 1 football sport months in Spain
  • 2 Spanish football history
  • 3 Olympics and the Spanish league
  • 4 international success of Spanish sport
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Football months Sport in Spain

Football is a popular sport in Spain, called Football League local Spanish league name (La Liga), which is the best football league in the world, as it includes many of the sports teams famous, including: Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and there are many international stars who play in the Spanish football, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and many global players others, [1] clubs and pronounce the word football in Spanish (futbol), [2] as Spain is famous for its football offering the country more games exciting; It can be seen in sports stands, and in the fields as well, advises visitors to the country to go to watch the football match, they experience worth seeing. [3]

Spanish football history

Football moved to Spain from the British Isles in late 1900, through the Spaniards students studied in Britain, and a number of British immigrants to Spain, sailors visiting the country, and writer Phil Pal in his book published in 2003 (Spanish football Morbo: The Story Story of Spanish Football) to Recreativo Huelva Club Huelva is the oldest Spanish football club, was founded by immigrants, British and at the end of 1889 in AD, has been organized the first official football match in the Seville area in 1890, and the two teams rivals are club Recreativo Huelva and Sevilla, most of the players of both teams British. [2]

Olympics and the Spanish league

It began competition between Spanish teams in 1915, and in 1920 played the national team known as (La Selección) for the first time in the Olympic Games and won the silver medal, and in 1926, football has become a sports game professional in Spain, and in 1927 the League national football proposal foot for the first time, during the year 1928 was accepted ten Spanish teams in the first division, and represented the difference as follows: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad, Racing Santander, and Arenas Getxo, Espanyol, Club Europe, Woody Gwaso, Club Real Union. [2]

International success for Spanish sport

The Spanish team won the national football many international football successes; Winning has won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in 1920, and in 1950 the team in achieving fourth place successfully in the World Cup, and in 1964 won the European Football Union, as Spain got second place in the European Union Championship football in 1984 , while winning the Olympic gold medal in 1992, it has witnessed a century atheist twenty to achieve great success; It enables Almenthab to win the silver medal in the Olympics in 2000, and in 2008 won the European Union, and in 2009 was awarded third place in the Confederations Cup, and Spain won in 2010 the first Cup time world. [2]


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