What specifications Libra

What specifications Libra


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Libra is the wind towers, that its members are characterized by rational thinking, Fjannbhm spiritual bow mental to their side, the planet Venus, begins September 23 and ends 22 October, the balance is a tower of human relations, and the tower of mind and thinking, a sensitive poet, and lover of excitement and risk and adventure , has a lot of artistic talent and the advantage of his ability to adapt and adapt, and enjoy a fun personality attracts others to him, but also nice and loves beauty, harmony and peace, and try to keep everyone happy, he finds it difficult to say "no" to any person, and as a result, it ends up with tension and anxiety , and has a lot of positive qualities, compared to the negative qualities that may possess. [1]

Libra is synonymous with poise, Valmizan is an example of balance and moderation in all aspects of his life, you will not find extravagant nor miserly habit, but it is the center between them. With the extreme tendencies of moderation and love him; But they like the rest of humanity may be turning to the event to event, but the difference between them and others; They are that they know what they want, and this change will be in order to improve something; And in order to restore normal their balance. [2]

Libra born recipes

Born does not care about the balance of being a lonely tower, but it is doing everything he can when he has a partner. A human being honest Sui, the Aakzb does not betray, and gives no waits one to respond to him is known, and what he does for people and for the people do not Asmh known, but is more like a service free has, even taking in return smile satisfaction kofta, hated affectation excess showiness, his life simple, simple furnishings, find love wide open spaces, so do not find a lot of furniture in his house. Cares about inner beauty more than outer beauty, you may find that his home without almost decorations, but you'll find that inner beauty is priceless, and the balance with a leading figure, preferably be followed, Vtkoanh does not allow him to be a follower, and increase happiness whenever he heard the words of praise and praise from the other party. Its slow, do not take a quick decision and precipitate judgments, and the return of excessive rationality, and often its decisions are correct. Balance wise in his actions Metro in his actions, a natural refuge for all who seeks advice, and anyone who violates his opinion today; Will find that he made a serious mistake, attributable to him asking for advice works this time strictly, and the result is very satisfactory to the owner of the relationship. [3]

Specifications man Libra

Has the ability to conduct Ahilath in a balanced and rational, research tries always about justice in all matters facing him, referred to as a logical character, tend to act appropriately and fit in a lot of things they face, often tends to avoid situations and events may give rise to violence and clamor, to resort to quiet places, and on the other hand, since a man the balance tends to be people attentive to give him attention and love, and are attracted to people wise men from discussing new ideas unfamiliar, a personal love for knowledge and learning, most Librans love to get scientific degrees more, no matter how old reached, and informing him that his love for Mnakech and put things in the right places. [4]

Specifications Libra woman

Trying woman Libra to abide by balance and rationality in their actions even though her love sometimes to do new things unfamiliar and can be described Paljnonah sometimes, like a woman balance of justice and is committed to it in all the course of her life, even if at their expense, and do not mind to admit its mistakes if others with speaking the language of logic and reason, referred to as the female Libra sensitive in some situations, and the volatile mood. Characterized as a social character you love others, and have high communication skills, this is apart from the attractive character that draws the attention of others, and make deals with them feel comfortable and reassuring, a smart personal diplomacy have the ability to move the course of things with wisdom and acumen to run things as you want. [3 ]

Librans love tower

In marital relations; Is an affectionate person bathes the other party with all the feelings of love and affection, he fills his life and make him feel he is the only person in this world. House of marital life is the bulk of his interests, and the time spent at home is time qualitatively can not be compensated, so that the other party to feel the difference in his absence, referred to as the preservation of peace and harmony the most important thing he has the basic goal, and his personality is attractive to make compatibility with others satisfactory, and live Libra required customs and traditions, so Flagueth with his partner Tun within the customary, do not come out with something new or unfamiliar, and often are looking for has a partner the ability to set clear limits, as if it had been expected to protect their relationship, is also looking for a deep relationship with meaningful, and although it is not a problem encountered in communicating with people who are not close to him really, but the only real satisfaction in the life of their love comes from the whole spirit surrender, and here lies the danger that can affect the balance, and when he chooses a partner of his life he chooses well, he knows his life and his character well known by matching, and what are the obstacles that might stand in the way of happiness, or the things that you pay forward. [5]

Defects born in Libra

Of defects that may be characterized by the born Libra in that superficial person, and can easily drift versus outer beauty, so that he may ignore the beautiful inner qualities of other people, a strong personality, and do not want to inconvenience anyone, and can be greatly influenced by the views of other people , it has been tempted to change his mind simply can not fulfill his promise at times, which makes the opposite person does not Aotmanh on a special theme, and despite being active in most cases, but it may be tempted to laziness, and do the difficult things like a very simple and easy things , also wants to avoid any kind of pressure or emotional challenges, and more things that you may face and find it difficult it is the process of decision-making, and is difficult for him to determine what is best for him, and this may become a major obstacle in the way, and sometimes feel a lack of confidence self. [1]


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