What specifications Capricorn Tower

What specifications Capricorn Tower

Capricorn is the tower of the tenth astronomical towers, a dirt track tower, born in the tower were born between December 23 until January 22. The best of his days on Saturday, and No. 4 luck symbol of pride and ambition, and the stones favorite turquoise and agate. The color black is the preferred rigidity and strength code. The basic character of this tower realism, Taurus and Virgo and cancer are more towers that is compatible with Capricorn owners.

The legend of Capricorn, recounts that one day God "that" was walking near the river, and he exploited his enemy "Typhon" and his absence he seized attached to him, and then became the head shape is Kalagdi down and has divided the form of a water animal. Then where this became God as a human gate to heaven, where he is known to the sky, a guard who decides who enters and who does not enter.

The general qualities of this tower for many but as we said the most important feature of the born Capricorn is "rational." Also born in the tower have a strange character, understanding of unstable strongly temperamental and difficult to deal with them sometimes. Capricorn Tower is characterized by ambitious and practical, and control Aklantehm in their decisions and their mind by their emotions, and they are obsessed with success but do not believe that the end justifies the means they do not Hiljowon to cheat to get their wish and success.

Pros and features of the owners of this tower they have seriousness, patience and love for stability, and they have a great ability to control themselves and their emotions and nerves, and can be Amzjawa between the mind and deep love. The Atsafhm high sense of responsibility and endurance of the most important personal traits. The disadvantages are that it is Mentqz pungent, greedy, and sometimes narrow-minded. The unit temperament and speed variability may make it difficult for others to deal with and affect social relationships and friendships, and also affect the inability to give confidence to others easily. It is also pessimistic, very traditional.

The serious love and marital relations Vmolod serious unfaithful in his marriage, and offers many sacrifices, and many emotions and emotion when it shows. Born Capricorn is very slow in forming relationships and start, but when he fought it rushes in which a lot and keep them for a long time. Male Capricorn male more stable towers, it is trustworthy. He astonishes his partner in Abharha surprises and gifts do not lie ahead, and she likes, which is very jealous, and the likes of ownership and control in the relationship. The female Capricorn it may look far as the arrogant, but conservative and sober and difficult to reach. Control much Bawatefha, but when you love it blows to those who love him a lot of love on condition that Abadelha sincerity and honesty. Love then is not only a formal and serious attachment throughout life.

Famous tower known: Sultan Rapture artist George Wassouf, the Syrian artist and the birth of Joseph, the Egyptian king of the romantic artist and Prince of Arab singing Hani Shaker.


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