What man Gemini loves women

What man Gemini loves women


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Gemini period starting from 21 May to 20 June, and its colors favorite yellow, light green, and believes that the Gemini is characterized by positive Kallotf qualities, and compassion, in addition to being adapted quickly to the new environment around him, as he is able to learn and exchange ideas quickly, Gemini loves trekking in addition to his love for music, books, magazines, and hates the Gemini unit repetition and routine, as it may possess some of the negative qualities of Kalasbah, frequency, and the conflict of ideas. [1]

Featuring Gemini intelligent being and has two personalities different, as it can be regarded as a social and fun and loves to communicate with others, it is also possible to suddenly inclined to being a serious and radical addition to the anxiety that can control his character sometimes, feel the Gemini curious of all that is around it, where it is believed it does not have enough time to experience everything he is fascinated by the world and life, and the Gemini looking continuously for new friends and colleagues to talk to them and expand the circle of acquaintances, he feels that the other half is missing, it can be considered as Gemini artist by nature because of the mentality that possessed especially in the field books and journalism, making his inspirational figure for non-boring, it is also possible that his character has on the side of innocence and childhood as well as the generosity and tender Vchksah Gemini is ready to sacrifice everything for those who love them from friends and relatives. [1]

Qualities that man loves Gemini in women

He believed that the man of Gemini may be difficult to read his thoughts, whatever the duration or the way that is recognized by, as may be dealing with confusing at times, to attract a man Gemini there are many things that are attracted to women, including the following: [2]

  • Social, where her character that this trait may attract everyone in general, but women's charm and her intelligence and social may be attracted to a man with Gemini, in particular, where a man Gemini woman look attractive social and prefers to deal with.
  • Renewable, as the man Gemini is always looking for excitement and renewal in his life for fear of boredom, her character so he is often looking for a partner is full of new and exciting ideas, so he prefers to deal with a woman who has a personal renewable.
  • Respect for freedom, and this is because man Gemini does not like a woman who constrained, since freedom is one of the most important things in his life, so he finds gravity in independent women able to conduct her life with confidence and which gives him his freedom.
  • Her intelligence, as the man Gemini is not attracted to the beauty easily, so it can not win his heart just wonderful appearance only, it is attracted to stimulate greater mental, and likes smart women.
  • Capacity, man Gemini finds it very difficult to stay still, he enjoys doing various activities and projects the new process, so he is often looking for fun in his partner, he is attracted to women who love the experience of all of the things with him that owns renewable energy.
  • Her passion for life, as the man Gemini often be excited for life, so it is always looking for someone who shared this feeling.
  • Self-confidence, as most of the men of Gemini are people who are confident of themselves, so man Gemini often looking for a confident woman who can speak to her, or to work with, or associated. [3]
  • Elegance, often man Gemini looking for stylish women who care about her clothes and beauty. [3]
  • Smiling face, often attracted to the humble man Gemini woman her face smiling, especially if her wonderful smile. [3]

Recipes man Gemini

Believes that man Gemini has characterized by traits such as his love of adventure, intelligence, agility, and it can not predict the qualities, and also ego and bizarre may possess in some cases, it can also be considered as a man Gemini spokesman and open to others, in addition to being a person who is not romantic but can create memorable moments for anyone who likes, and the man Gemini is constantly looking for knowledge and learning for all that is new, and other qualities as follows: [4]

  • Gemini man with his ability to talk delightful and entertaining ways that enable him to acquire some friends easily, he has the ability to open threads with ease in addition to being approachable.
  • Gemini man loves mobility because of the permanent desire to experience new things, and it makes him get information and stimulates his mind, and tends to new things and exciting no matter how small, even for one time in life.
  • Gemini man loves new things and unders owned, so it feels bored easily he is hungry for all that is new to see new places and people, which could create some problems for him.
  • Gemini man is able to handle multiple tasks is considered at one time, in addition to being possessed many talents and interests therefore tend to do several things at one time as it can be regarded as a multi-faceted talent.
  • Gemini man likes to be president and dominant, because of the nature of man Gemini which makes it very competitive to reach its objectives.
  • Can not predict the actions of man Gemini Vchksath can be attractive and worried at the same time, as he changes his mind constantly, he does not even what is your favorite food knows.
  • Can not wait for the man Gemini, where he does not have a lot of patience.

Gemini man and his relationship with friends and family

Believes that man Gemini often is an intelligent person socially, it can configure and earn a lot of friendships and relationships in his life, but on those who care about with his friends and relatives to do Ptkadirh and maintain constant communication with him, and the man Gemini often prefer to stay with people who own motives and tendencies shared with him so that he can spend as much time as possible with them, but when talking about the family, the man Gemini loves his family and tries to be present with them on various occasions as much as possible, but it could be tempted to evade family responsibilities in order to spend more enjoyable times and fun . [1] [5]


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