What it is characterized by Cancer

What it is characterized by Cancer


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Cancer is one of the towers of water, his term of June 21 extends to 22 July, the colors favorite white, the fourth tower of the astronomical constellations of the twelve, and is located between the twin towers of the lion and Gemini, is sensitive and emotional towers Although born in this month are characterized often by nature sharp and volatile mood. [1] [2]

Features Cancer

Believed to be born in Cancer may possess a range of qualities that distinguish them from others born in other towers, including the following: [3]

  • Creativity: enjoyed most of the baby boomers Cancer with imagination may lead them to the world of dreams, and this helps them to creativity and innovation dramatically, so it can be regarded as enjoying very intelligent often, they are able to transform the simplest things into something that is characterized by a kind of art to some extent, they express for themselves creative artistic way.
  • Passion and love: believed to be born Cancer passionate and loving degree large, they Mrhvoa sense are characterized by severe fulfillment of strong affection towards those who love, as they care about family and home for their own affairs dramatically, so we find them more people tender in addition to their passion big towards the pain and suffering of others around them.
  • Sincerity: Cancer is born mostly of the most people interested in wading in a safe relationship away from lying and betrayal, they are characterized by intense devotion and often taking care of those interested and ordered them to love.
  • The ability to predict: believe that cancer tower owners have a very strong intuition, where they can find out what's going on in the mind of the interviewer to them with ease by asking questions of the many, which could push the other side revelations including thinking, since their strange ability to know the secrets and it it is difficult to deceive or manipulate them.

Disadvantages Cancer

There are many negative qualities that are believed to be born cancer tower has been characterized by, including the following: [3]

  • Mood swings: Cancer is born people Alm'zajian often, especially when they feel jealous or if you do not meet their emotional, where their mood changed quickly and easily within minutes.
  • Negative: believed to be born in Cancer has characterized negativism and seeing the glass half empty on the filled half, they often suffer from a lack of self-esteem, they may also hold grudges for one that has persecuted for life, especially if it comes to hurt the feelings they have.
  • Unexpected: You can not predict the behavior of baby boomers Cancer sometimes, as they Mottagbawa mood and suffer from excessive sensitivity to some people, it is possible to be so confusing when dealing with them, they are friendly and love to communicate sometimes, they may be Antoaiaan love to stay sometimes alone other.
  • Anger: believed to be born Cancer may suffer from anger and resentment quickly and dramatically, it is possible that the situation is getting worse because of the wide imagination which they own, which leads to the aggravation of the things they have to become difficult to satisfy them until the time is right for it.

Cancer and its relationship with friends and family

When talking about social relations, believes that baby boomers Cancer may welcome any new relationship with pleasure and love, but they often remain wary about people who fall outside of their environment defined, as they are full of respect and affection with people who communicate with them constantly, and they remain in constant contact with friends even from home understanding enjoy it really, but with respect to the family believed that the baby boomers Cancer care about family matters and matters pertaining to home more than anyone else, they appreciate the beautiful memories that having with them and keep them for long periods. [2]

Cancer and work tower

Is the feeling of security of the most important things in the life of baby boomers Cancer, especially when it comes to work, where they need all the amenities available in their professional lives, so it is believed that they are able to practice and to complete any work no matter how difficult was very successful, and they often work hard and better performance when working individually, as they focus on the principal to work them very hard and dedication until it is done, and therefore it is believed that appropriate for them professions are those related to politics, or nursing, or housekeeping, or matters related to decoration. [2] [ 4]

Cancer and love tower

Cancer is believed that the tower was born mostly of the most able-bodied people to please partner when it comes to love, for the following reasons: [5]

  • Cancer has born great passion for pushing them to protect those who love and defend them often, as they care about Bohpthm more than they care about themselves, but that may push them to extreme jealousy on those who care about them, which could create some problems.
  • Doing anything in order to partner with all the passion and love, taking into account the mind and heart, they took care of a new Bohpthm different that others do not know, because they have a sense of surprise often Vengdam more paper lovers ways.
  • Because of the wide imagination and big dreams, they look for the future of relations, they are good lovers in the long term.
  • Is born cancer tower entrusted people who can trust them often, can also take the advice and advice them in various positions, they are impartial persons for one, they also have a high ability to understand the point of view of the other party in a good way, as they are characterized by honesty and openness often .
  • Cancer is characterized by baby boomers flexible understanding of people who are not stubborn, but they do not like anyone to control them or dictate them their work, and often will treat their partner with them easy.
  • They have a great ability to solve problems, they are capable of seeing the different aspects of any position, and often what they are looking for good qualities in people, helping them to overcome the obstacles they face with a partner.


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