What is Yahoo

What is Yahoo


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Yahoo Inc.

Is a leading technology company on the Internet originated in 1995, [1], id and offers many services to users, they serve as an electronic gate, and a directory of websites, search engine and provides the required results for the user depending on its own technology, and besides the Yahoo offer different services on the World Wide web, as a service e-mail, directory, news, maps, and videos, as well as social networking sites, and many others. [2]

Yahoo Services

You can get many of the services offered by Yahoo, including: [1]

  • E-mail: This is the most common service for Yahoo, which offers the possibility of communicating with friends, acquaintances, and share content with each other, through a subscription to this service to get an address for e-mail, in addition to the many options available to it.
  • Instant messaging: Yahoo provides users the opportunity to use instant messaging, and provide chat options with friends and points of contact, as well as sending options multimedia files, and make voice and video calls, through Yahoo Messenger (English: Yahoo Messenger).
  • Yahoo Answers: This option offers the possibility to ask questions via Yahoo portal to get the answer from our users, in addition to the possibility of assessing the answers and vote for the best.

Registration on Yahoo

Yahoo offers access to its services through the use of an earlier e-mail, or create a new e-mail, where it is created by following the following steps: [3]

  • Go to the sign-up page by clicking on the following following link <https://login.yahoo.com/account/create?.lang=en-US&.intl=us&.src=yhelp>.
  • Fill in the data for the date of birth, mobile number and password appropriate, and if the desire by using another email address, it is determined by clicking on the option of "best use of my e-mail address" (English: I'd rather use my own email address) .
  • Verification by phone number by sending a text message by clicking on the (Text me an Account Key), which will reach the user's phone message containing a verification code.
  • Enter this code in the designated box, then click on the "check" button (in English: Verify).
  • You can be the verification process through a phone call up to a phone user by clicking on the (Option Call me with an Account Key).


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