What is vaginal bleeding

What is vaginal bleeding


  • 1 vagina
  • 2 vaginal bleeding
  • 3 reasons for vaginal bleeding 3.1 Pregnancy and reasons related to the reproductive system 3.2 Exposure to trauma or injury 3.3 uterus and cervix 3.4 Infection 3.5 endocrine 3.6 cancer and hyperplasia 3.7 organic diseases 3.8 Some types of drugs
  • 3.1 Pregnancy and reasons related to the reproductive system
  • 3.2 Exposure to trauma or injury
  • 3.3 uterus and cervix
  • 3.4 Infection
  • 3.5 endocrine
  • 3.6 cancer and hyperplasia
  • 3.7 organic diseases
  • 3.8 Some types of drugs
  • 4 diagnosis of vaginal bleeding
  • 5 treatment of vaginal bleeding
  • Video 6 What is vaginal bleeding?
  • 7 References


Is the vagina (in English: Vagina) is part of the female reproductive system, a member who reaches the uterus and outside the woman's body, located between the vagina and anus opening the urethra, it is worth mentioning that the vagina muscular part of a flexible; It expresses him the child at birth, as it is the part that receives the penis during the marital relationship, and the part that comes out of it menstrual blood, and is located at the end of what is known as membrane virginity (in English: Hymen), which narrows the opening of the vagina, and is shredded during the marital relationship or when you do some types of exercise. [1] [2]

Vaginal bleeding

Blood coming down from the vaginal bleeding vaginally called (in English: Vaginal Bleeding), and can be normal in the case resulting from menstrual bleeding (in English: Menstrual cycle) or may be bleeding vaginally is abnormal (in English: Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding) If it is the blood that come down due to the menstrual cycle, and vaginal bleeding occurs due to several reasons, should see a doctor to determine the cause of bleeding occurrence of vaginal to avoid complications that may result from the occurrence. [3]

Causes of vaginal bleeding

Pregnancy and reasons related to the reproductive system

Can vaginal bleeding occurs due to the presence of some factors related to fertility (in English: Fertility) and the reproductive system, and these factors are the following: [4] [3]

  • Pregnancy (in English: Pregnancy).
  • Ovulation disorder.
  • An imbalance in the hormonal balance Alastorgen (in English: Estrogen) and progesterone (in English: Progesterone).
  • The marital relationship.
  • The period leading up to menopause (in English: Perimenopause).
  • Vaginal atrophy (in English: Vaginal Atrophy) access as a symptom of menopause.

Exposure to trauma or injury

Displays the vagina or cervix injury window or trauma would cause the occurrence of bleeding and vaginal abnormal, eg, bleeding resulting from the use of IUD (in English: Intrauterine Device), and blood can be classified downward after intercourse causes of vaginal bleeding resulting from exposure to injuries or trauma as well. [4]

Uterus and cervix

It may be vaginal bleeding caused by the presence of problems in the uterus or cervix, eg, the following: [4]

  • The growth of polyps in the lining of the womb (in English: Endometrial polyps), or in the cervix (in English: Cevical Polyps), or anywhere in the womb (in English: Uterine Polyps).
  • Incurable glandular Uterine (in English: Adenomyosis), which is the growth of the uterine lining in the uterine muscle. [5]
  • Intrauterine fibers (in English: Uterine Fibroid), means abnormal growth of the cells of the uterus, but it is not cancerous. [6]


Can cause female genital infection (in English: Infection) occurrence of vaginal bleeding is not normal and can infections that cause bleeding include the following: [4]

  • Chlamydia (English disease: Chlamydia trachomatis).
  • Inflammation of the lining of the uterus (in English: Endometritis).
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (in English Pelvic Inflammatory Disease).
  • Inflammation of the vagina (in English: Vaginitis).
  • Gonorrhea (in English: Gonorrhea), a sexually transmitted disease (in English: Sexual Transmitted Disease) is produced due to injury known Actinsrih structure of bacteria (Latin: Neisseria gonorrhoeae). [7]

Endocrine diseases

Some diseases cause endocrine occurrence of abnormal vaginal bleeding, including the following: [4]

  • PCOS (in English: (Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Thyroid (deficiency in English: Hypothyroidism).
  • Stop or bring about change in birth control pills or hormones given in menopause.

Cancer and hyperplasia

Cause cancer in female genital mutilation in the incidence of vaginal bleeding is not normal, including the following: [4]

  • Vaginal (Cancer English: Vaginal cancer).
  • Cervical cancer (in English: Cervical cancer).
  • Endometrial cancer (in English: Endometrial cancer).
  • Endometrial hyperplasia (English: Endometrial hyperplasia).
  • Uterine sarcoma (in English: Uterine sarcoma).

Organic diseases

Women infected with some organic diseases may cause the occurrence of vaginal bleeding, and these diseases: [4]

  • Celiac disease or celiac disease is sometimes known as wheat allergy disease (in English: Celiac disease).
  • Severe systemic diseases such as diseases of the kidney or liver.
  • Blood clotting diseases as a disease von Willebrand (in English: Von Willebrand disease).

Some types of drugs

In addition to birth control pills previously mentioned, some medications occurrence of vaginal bleeding may cause, including the following: [4] [3]

  • Drug tamoxifen (in English: Tamoxifen); Vaginal bleeding as a symptom of both sides of this medicine may happen.
  • Anti-clotting drugs (in English: Anticoagulant Drugs).

Diagnosis of vaginal bleeding

Diagnosis of vaginal bleeding requires knowledge of patients infected with history, knowledge of the details of the monthly bleeding cycle, after which the doctor competent to conduct physical examination may request some tests that help the diagnosis, and these tests as follows: [8]

  • Pregnancy Test (in English: Pregnancy Test).
  • Blood test (in English: Blood Test) to see the number of red blood cells and platelet count.
  • Examination of thyroid function (in English: Thyroid Function Test).
  • Imaging the pelvis and abdomen ultrasonic sound (in English: Ultrasound).
  • Taking a biopsy of the lining of the womb (in English: Endometrial Biopsy).
  • Tests of blood clotting.

Treatment of vaginal bleeding

If the cause of vaginal bleeding disorder hormonally, can help drugs hormonal pill load regulation to regulate the level of hormones in the body, and in the absence of women in response to this type of treatment; Doubts could be raised doctor about the possibility of her infection or other causes of bleeding, and is based on the cause of treatment, and a specialist doctor resort to surgery option in the event of the presence of polyps or cancers, and as for therapeutic procedures that should be women followed it to make sure the beginning of the source of bleeding vagina is not the urethra or rectum, and taking the straight bumper of rest, and avoid the use of aspirin medication (in English: aspirin); This is because aspirin may increase the duration of bleeding. [9]

Video What is vaginal bleeding?

Can be normal if at the date of the menstrual cycle. But it may be a worrying indication if at other times. Know him more in this video:


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