What is the use of hair oil bone

What is the use of hair oil bone


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About bone oil

Bone oil is extracted oil from the bone marrow of cows, where bones are brought from the butcher after the cut and washed and put it in water net for even boiling and is boiled for a range from three hours to the core melt and the rise begins on the surface of the water and then it is Khth and put it in a special pot to cool down and is filtered from any impurities stuck in it and kept in the fridge, and keeping temperatures very cold stays as it does not freeze, and extracted in this way, which is called (abrasion) may make him Zeta net carries no unpleasant odor where the remaining bone flavor and taste fat stuck with water boiling.

Uses bone oil

Another way to work bone oil which is to bring the bone marrow from the butcher after bone chopping and broken down to get the bone marrow, which is much like the fingers of butter frozen fairly, and then we put the bone in a water bath with continuity in Tkulaibh and move it until we get to melt completely and we eliminate him to get rid of impurities or any pieces of the remains of bone sticking and put it potted glass airtight.

There is also another way different from the previous ones which use the microwave oven put the bone in a glass bowl and melted microwaves and filtered, and all the ways the different lead for the same purpose and get bone oil, and those who do not want to made at home able to find in the shops Perfumery ready may be sold in glass boxes.

And is capable of any lady Tngkeh bone oil made at home by adding a type of oils that are used to treat hair as oil coconut oil or cactus ... and there are customary way by the Tngkeh oil marrow made at home to bring the chopsticks screw or clove soaked with water until it doubles in size and saturated with water and then placed in the pot marrow oil to gain a beautiful smell.

What are the benefits of bone oil hair?

  • The core of the oils that work on the treatment of damaged hair and pale and damaged as it rebuilds the outer wall of the hair and the hair gain flexibility and present life oil.
  • Works to increase hair density and increase its growth and Extendible, it also helps in the germination of new hair in places that suffer from baldness.
  • Works on individual hair and making it easier Tenaimh hairdo also prevents hair and agitation Nschwanh.
  • It protects hair from various weather factors such as heat, cold, wind, and works on the packaging of hair and increases the durability of the outer wall.
  • Helps in reducing the spread of gray hair as it contains many of the benefits of proteins and minerals as is customary, the bone marrow is the summary of the benefits of the body.
  • It works to give hair luster and shine enchanting.
  • Handles bomb hair and re-built from the inside and outside.
  • Fights dandruff and prevents their appearance.

How do I use bone oil?

The method of use of bone oil from the most important things that every woman know if she wanted to use, and should be wary of how long that will be put bone oil in which the hair and repeat should be well cautious as the lengthening duration of the normal limit may be due to damage and negatives on the hair follicles and open pores and loss hair oil is considered as the core of a very protective oils and steps must be adhered to its use are as follows:

  • Wash the hair and leave it to dry naturally, preferably hair clean before using bone oil.
  • Bring marrow oil from perfume shops or made at home.
  • Hair and work Hashed own hair clips sections.
  • Put the bone in the palm oil and pork fat on the hair or use the custom of hair dye and colored hair brush.
  • You should focus on the middle of the hair and limbs.
  • Wrap the hair and install clip.
  • Wearing Baneh nylon.
  • Leave the hair for a period of at least between the hours to three hours.
  • Wash hair with warm water and shampoo thoroughly after you are finished.

If you follow the steps carefully lead to the emergence of joyous results and should be noted and warning of the development of bone oil on the hair and sleep by as it is one of the garrison and heavy oils and fatty and lie very dangerous to open the pores of the hair, leading to hair loss.


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