What is the Super Cup

What is the Super Cup


  • 1 Super Cup 1.1 Asian Super Cup 1.2 African Super Cup 1.3 Italian Super Cup
  • 1.1 Asian Super Cup
  • 1.2 African Super Cup
  • 1.3 Italian Super Cup

Super Cup

Super Cup or Super Cap, a mini football championship held in the majority of countries in the world, where they are made final match one, or Mbarta shuttle so that the final party to two champion local cup local league, and then meet each other in the final match or Mbarta shuttle , and the winner will be announced and offer him an award called the Super Cup, and in the present era was invented and Asthaddat Super Cup special continents, for example, face off the European Cup with the Champions League winners in the European Super Cup final in the continent of Europe champion.

Asian Super Cup

Is an annual competition for football match organized by the Asian Football Federation competent Baggara Asian clubs, and are held between the AFC Champions League champion and the Asian Cup Winners' Cup in one of the Asian countries, the game system are coming and going between the final ends.

Kicked off the Asian Super Cup in 1995 and stopped in 2002 after the integration of the Asian Cup Winners' Cup with the AFC Champions League in one championship was conducted in 2003, and is considered Al Hilal Saudi Club is the Asian club Alokthernjaha in the tournament, where he won twice in 1997 and 2000, and after the club It called Bswon Samsung South Korean who achieved victory in 2001 and 2002.

African Super Cup

It is the tournament organized by the Confederation of African football, and started this tournament in 1993 was held a match every year between the club's African Champions League and the club winning the Africa Club Cup winner, and remained this, following the method conducted until 2005 became established between the club League winner African Champions Club Cup winning Almonfdralah to determine the champion of the heroes of the continent of Africa, and in general this tournament take place in the month of January or February each year before the start of the African clubs championships in the coming seasons.

Italian Super Cup

Originated the Super Cup Italian in 1988, where he was supervised by the then Italian football federation, and in most cases held in the week before the start of the season in Italy, that is being played in late December so that the collection of winning Serie Premier and winning the Cup Italia.

Italian Super Cup is characterized by being determined based on one match only as usual in the majority of tournaments, but there have been some exceptions in 1993 and 2003 where he was held in Washington DC and New Jersey, respectively, in the United States of America, as the tournament in Tripoli, held the capital of Libya, and in the stadium Beijing National China.


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