What is the starch

What is the starch


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  • 2 types of starch
  • 3 How to produce starch
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  • 5 uses starch aesthetic
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Starch is a word derived from the Persian language (Nchasth, Nchastnj), which is a mixture of sugars and complex carbohydrates such as glucose, Alomiltoz, dependent upon the plants store excess glucose inside, and is the main ingredient of potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, estimated calories ratio thermal per 100 grams of starch (400) price powder heat, here we will learn more about the types of starch, and methods of use, and attributes.

Types of starch

  • Corn Starch .
  • Rice starch.
  • Wheat starch.
  • Potato starch.

It also is the most widely used types of starch is corn starch, which is extracted from corn kernels,. As is the third corn more crop cultivation around the world after rice and wheat, and is considered part of the multi-plant uses, and are utilized as food fresh eaten after cooked in many forms, and the intervention of many delicious dishes and wonderful, are also used as food for animals after dried and crushed and called name (feed), is extracted months types of vegetable oils, a pure corn oil characteristic of them, and is finally extracted starch chemical process which is what we're talking about now.

How to produce starch

Produces starch, which is a dry white powder, pressed condition crumbles between the fingers, and do not dissolve in water, corn after the passage of several stages and analyzes of enzymatic, you know the chemical formula of starch (C6H10O5) N).

Therapeutic uses starch

  • Protective cover for creams that are placed on the skin.
  • Preservative capsules.
  • Article sledges and stressful for the capsules.

Uses starch aesthetic

  • Skin whitening, so by mixing one tablespoon of starch with two tablespoons of natural lemon juice, where the mixture is placed on the skin and places to be bleached for twenty minutes, rinse the skin with cold water and dried well when finished.
  • Acne and pimples fatty treat, because it contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, where he works on fatty grain drying, and by putting a spoonful of starch with two tablespoons of vinegar on the skin for ten minutes.
  • Treatment of sensitive skin after hair removal, so mixing amount of starch with cold water and fat skin it.
  • Treatment of the rash that appears on the newborn, so mixing amount of starch, with the amount of breast milk, to become our soft mixture is placed on the baby's skin for five minutes.

Other uses starch

  • Used in the preparation of meals for young children after the addition of milk and sugar.
  • Prepare multiple varieties of sweets, such as blancmange all kinds, buttermilk, and Altramiso, and cheesecake and many others.
  • It is used to prepare pasta dishes with cream to increase the density of Hebron.

How to keep starch

Starch is saved by a cool, dry place away from moisture and sunlight and potted airtight.


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