What is the SD memory

What is the SD memory


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SD Memory

Know SD (English: Secure Digital Card Card) as card mounted with the size of a very small, ranging measured typically 32 × 24 × 2.1 mm, in addition to the weight of about 2 grams, as they are designed to provide high memory capacity of a small size. [ 1]

The use of memory cards "SD" since 1999l, and are now used in many small portable devices, such as camcorders, digital cameras, laptops, and audio players, and mobile phones, as they are currently available in capacities ranging from 16 MB, and 1 GB. [1]

Action SD memory mechanism

"SD" cards require a special outlet on the electronic device, which is available in many electronic devices, but some devices do not contain it, so that can connect the card devices by using the card reader (in English: SD Card Reader), are also match the card pins with the port and connected to it, it begins electronic device to connect the card when inserted in the device effectively, through the micro-control card, is being electronic device automatically scan the memory card to import data, or can transfer files, images, applications, manually to the card. [ 2]

Features SD memory

Memory "SD" cards provide small-size large storage capacity, and is characterized by its consumption amounts very little energy, which is very important as "SD" cards used in most of the time in electronic devices that rely on the battery, where data transfer speeds ranging in the card from 2 Mbps to about 90 Mbps. [3]

Use the "SD" card file allocation table system (FAT), including FAT16 file systems, and FAT32, and exFAT, which offers a wide variety of storage capacity range, starting from the storage capacity amounting to 16 MB, and even the maximum current which is about 32 GB , in addition to the next generation of SD cards known as "SDXC capacity for approximately 2 terabytes; ie about 2000 gigabytes of data, and the most important features of the SD card the possibility of transfer between compatible devices, for example, can someone transmits images from a digital camera to a personal computer, After the introduction of the SD-card a micro camera's in the PC, the PC will recognize the card on the new engine. [3]


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