What is the reason dogs barking

What is the reason dogs barking


  • 1 Separation Anxiety
  • 2 feeling bored
  • 3 warning
  • 4 show happiness
  • 5 respond to other dogs
  • 6 attract attention
  • 7 health problems
  • 8 References

Separation Anxiety

Barking most dogs when left alone, which is the so-called bark-compulsive disorder (in English: Compulsive Barking), where showing other symptoms indicate the fear of separation, such as: depression, sprinting speed, and the desire to destroy, and to do repetitive movements at the same time, such as the rotation in the same place or along the fence, as the dogs bark may be a great desire to hear your voice. [1]

Feeling bored

The dogs of collective animals that need to live with each other, and when it is left for a long time at home or yard, they feel bored significantly, pushing them to the bay to show her grief and Mellha. [1]


Most of the dogs bark in the event of its sense of some kind of threat, such as the passage of a stranger in the area in them, as it barks to show their ability to protect the place, and be bark sharp and The voice of confidence prohibitively high, as this can seize instinct through continuous training to protect the home and family. [2 ]

Happiness Show

Most dogs barking dogs, especially young puppies during the exercise of playing with people or other dogs, with the advantage of this bark is optimistic of being a musician and sound, and express Hamas dog when doing activities with people like car ride or hiking. [2]

Reply to other dogs

Barking dogs in case of hearing other dogs barking, as you reply to a barking dog another in the same street, which is what it is called collective bark, so that all dogs bark to join with each other. [2]

draw attention

Barking dogs when their desire to attract the attention of the owner or caregiver has a special interest in the event of something like: food or go to the bathroom, or play, or attention, or play abroad, as it barks to meet their needs. [3]

Health problems

Dogs tend to bark when their sense of health problems experienced by, and the most important problems of rabies, a disease that resembles human dementia, as barking dogs to show her suffering because of her age, as they may bark to show her voice that can not hear when they suffer from deafness; Any inability to hearing. [3]


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