What is the printer

What is the printer


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the printer

Is an external device that communicates with other digital device to print what the user sees on the screen, used printers pixel units for a small image transfer from the system to another surface, where ink printers and laser printers are considered the most common where they are connected to a personal computer items, [1] also have several techniques to reproduce the texts and illustrations in black and colored on a solid sheet and produce a number of copies matched, Valtabah old was used under the pressure of a certain amount of coloring technique on a specific surface to form a set of text, many of the modern processes for the reproduction of texts and illustrations no longer dependent on the concept of mechanical pressure or on the amount of coloring. [2]

Types of printers

There are different types of computer printers, such as: Printer All Io, printer dot-matrix and inkjet printer, laser printer, multi-function printer, thermal printer, printer Walid, and today is the most common printers used with computers are inkjet and laser printers, have divided printers into two main categories, namely as follows: [3]

  • Printers effect or personal printers: This mechanism is known as electro-mechanical mechanism used in this printer both hammers or pins to print text on the paper, and you print only one character at a time of slow and speed, and examples of the printers, dot matrix, printers raster.
  • Printers effect is: one of the best quality printers and high-speed, such as: inkjet printers and laser printers.

Other types of printers

There are many ancient and modern printers used in printing and that many functions, including the following: [3]

  • Daisy Wheel Printers Printers: This type of printer is very old and can not be found in the current time, they are printing only letters and symbols can not print graphics or images, a very slow speed of printing from 10 to 75 characters per second.
  • Thermal Printer: also called heat transfer printer or thermal transfer printer thermal wax, a high-quality printer invented by Jack Kilby which are commonly used thermal wax which dissolves the colored wax on paper near photo-realistic.
  • Printers affected by heat: using hot pins to burn the image on the sensitive paper printers typically used in calculators and fax machines, although it is inexpensive and fast print relatively, but low accuracy.
  • Laser printers: one of the best printers to print text, a fast Nsiba printing, where the laser beam is used to produce an image on paper, Vtabat laser color is not good for printing photos, but excellent for printing business graphics.
  • BUSINESS-READY PRINTER Printers: used to print the scan, copy, scan and sometimes fax.
  • Photo Printers: These printers dedicated to printing only photos often have a wide range of ink colors, such as: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and provides the ability to print on paper larger than 8.5x11 inches.
  • Multi-function printers: These printers offer space by combining multiple devices in a single unit, such as: printing, copying, scanning, and sometimes fax, this type of printer must be specified using either ink or laser as needed, as it works on automatic printing double-sided.
  • Inkjet Printer: use this printer to print images better by spraying patterns of ink on paper from the nozzle; Because it contains very fine holes that are pumped into the letters and shapes, where the ink from the nozzle comes in the form of vapors and when it passes through the plate forming the desired characters.


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