What is the Neem tree

What is the Neem tree


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What is the Neem tree

Neem tree called Almarosa tree, is a fast growing tree, and the leaves are broad, its origin dates back to India and Myanmar, and used extracts for a long time in Asia as insecticides, and toothpaste, medicines, health also supplements, used the tree in reforestation projects in hot and dry areas, The newly spread knowledge to the West, where considered Couches surprisingly, are currently under way research and studies of possible health uses of chemical substances extracted from them. [1]

Neem tree characteristics

Of the Neem tree characteristics include: [2]

  • Neem tree is a large tree, evergreen, grow to a height of 20 m, and has many branches.
  • The tree spread throughout India and neighboring areas; Where there are grown in commercial quantities.
  • Use almost all previously part of it in traditional medicine, in many countries, where it was described about 700 recipe using this plant the tree.
  • This tree produces a kind of high-quality wood, and Samga in commercial quantities.

Benefits of Neem Tree

There are several benefits to a tree neem including: [3]

  • Its leaves are used to treat leprosy, intestinal worms, stomach disorders, skin sores, loss of appetite, diseases of the cardiovascular, diabetes, and inflammation of the gums, and liver problems.
  • The seeds are used in oils and family planning, and abortion.
  • Neem bark is used to treat malaria, skin diseases, fever, and stomach ulcers.
  • Fruit used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, strikes urinary tract, sputum, eye disorders, diabetes, wounds, and leprosy.
  • Venus used to relieve bile, phlegm and treatment.
  • The tree is used as an insecticide.
  • Used to treat cough branches, asthma, low sperm levels.
  • May become the seeds of Neem toxic when used in large quantities, have also been reported severe poisoning in infants when using neem oil.
  • There are no side effects clear, when using normal doses by adults.
  • He prefers not to use during pregnancy and lactation.


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