What is the meaning Google

What is the meaning Google


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Meaning Google

The origin of the word Google to the nineties of the last century as a label for the search engine, which means that search for related to some information, it may be someone or something else. [1] derived Google name from the word googol (in English: googol), which in turn mean in math numbers an estimated 10 to 100 or more force, a number can not be explained, has contributed to its short life, despite the changing way of thinking, talk about the Internet, as well as not limited to data processing and information is limited quickly. [2]

Google definition

Google Inc. was founded by both Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1998, and was fast company growth and development; In the year 2000, Google's largest engine has become a search in the world, and continued its rapid development to form in 2001 the first site profitable unlike their counterparts from competing companies, Web search Google more service applications commonly used in the world and is, the most popular as well, Vmahrk Web Search Google Known presenting search results related, relevant and also using a clean interface. [3]

Google Apps

Google many offers from applications based on the same infrastructure and basic resources provided by Google standard services, available these services so that they can run as accounted for 99.9% of the time, with the availability of administrative support, in addition to many features of support provided by the company and described in Level Agreement Application Service Google, and industrial applications provided by Google which comes: [4]

  • Google's free applications: which include Google's e-mail Google Calendar, Google Sites, and Google Docs.
  • Google educational applications: Includes free applications for schools.
  • Google Business applications: This version of Google Apps is not free, and provides tools for cooperation in this field and be supported on the Web.
  • Google government applications: provide collaboration tools so that they are supported on the Web, and approved by the government.
  • Google Apps for non-profit organizations: include the provision of tools for cooperation and communication between the United States non-profit organizations.


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