What is the importance of marriage

What is the importance of marriage


Marriage year of Sunan Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Messengers before him, and the encroachment of the mushroom of God by His creation, and urged the Prophet to marry and wanted it, especially the youth, and were in the Koran and in the Sunna many verses and sayings of an honorable showing the legality of the marriage and the purposes and provisions.

God Almighty said: )okadd sent messengers before you and gave them wives and Dhirah( [Thunder: 38], as stated in the Hadith in the three story who came to the wives of the Prophet houses asking for worship, when Ojibwa felt Bakltha, and they can more than do so, he said to them the Holy Prophet peace be upon him: (you are who you say such and such? The God I Okhchakm God and the most pious to him, but I fast and fast, original and lying, and married women, it is desired for the years is not me) [Sahih Bukhari].

Importance of Marriage

  • The first step in the formation of society, when a sound basis would be a sound society.
  • Preservation of the human species from extinction.
  • To maintain the purity of birth and honor, and to stay away from the twisted and forbidden roads.
  • Immunization Abdul, and protect him from falling into the taboo and immorality and adultery.
  • Juicy and all the sight of prey.
  • Llakhlaq civilization.
  • The multiplication of offspring.
  • Both spouses enjoy the other psychologically and physically.
  • For psychological comfort, affection and compassion between spouses.
  • Mutual benefit between the spouses; For each of them the rights and duties; The man protects women, and provide them with everything you need, and women based on the affairs of his home from cleaning and cooking and rearing of children and take care of them, and save the money and honor.
  • Long relationship between the families and tribes, and to increase the link and love among them.
  • Having children who complete their marital happiness, as the good boy of the blessings of God Almighty, he appoints his parents in the life of the world, and Abarhama, and calls for them after their deaths.
  • Protection from physical and psychological and neurological diseases.
  • Cooperation and assistance in the construction of life.

Founded the choice of both spouses

  • Religion: Religion is the end and the first demand, if both spouses owes true aware of their respective rights and duties, and in order to satisfy each other, cohesive family arises solid is blessed with happiness and tranquility.
  • Good manners: misery that one lives with the morals and worsened Vhact, Valhdhuz, and avarice, lying, arrogance destroyed the family and happiness.
  • Beauty: the status of both spouses are looking for in a partner, but must give priority to the beauty of religion and creation.
  • Honor and blue-chip pedigree: honor, chastity and purity and the high level is what is looking for both spouses.
  • Money: Money is an essential requirement and salt, which is one of the basic demands when offered the man to marry the girl, and less what the ability to provide basic duties.


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