What is the IELTS exam

What is the IELTS exam

With technological development and cognitive experienced life in recent times, it became necessary that man mastered many of both skills, whether this requirement in the study or is essential when applying for a job or a work, and the most important skills required nowadays are the skills of computer use, skills mastering some of the most important languages, English and French; So it became the trend towards conducting examinations to measure the ability of any person in the performance of these skills, and months, and the most internationally recognized exams:

  • (ICDL): a test designed to measure the ability of individuals to work on computers.
  • (DELF): a test to measure the ability of individuals to the French language proficiency.
  • (TOEFL): This is a test to measure the proficiency of individuals of the English language.
  • (IELTS): It is also a test to measure the proficiency of the English language individuals, who Snodha in detail in this article.

IELTS test

It is the abbreviation for the following words:

  • I: International
  • E: English
  • L: Language
  • T: Testing
  • S: System

The full name in Arabic means "the International English Language Testing System."

This test is conducted to examine and test a person's ability in English and the language proficiency to her, as it is considered one of the most universally recognized exams in many universities and government centers in the following countries: the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa; It is recognized by more than 3,800 public universities, which occupies a world center in more than 120 countries in the world, and began to go to this test in 1989 application; Because he had proved his competence as a means to measure the students' abilities in English.

Persons have applicants for this test are usually:

  • Students in the basic study, or who wish to complete graduate studies.
  • Persons who wish to obtain non-academic courses, or people who want to migrate.

As for the nature of the exam, it is divided into four sections, with an estimated duration of about two hours and forty five minutes, and the exam is distributed over a period ranging from 3-8 hours, and the exam sections are as follows:

  • The person reading section provides a total duration of just one hour.
  • Provides the person writing department, amounting to one-hour too.
  • After you finish reading and writing leads the person to listen department, amounting to a 30-minute.
  • Another section leads to the examinee is a conversation section, amounting to a 15-minute.

And be the final mark for the exam for all sections of 9, ie the maximum mark student can get it is 9 of 9 is also given to the final exam mark in addition to mark each of the sections in detail.

And the management exam (IELTS) by the British University of Cambridge, in collaboration with the British cultural center, and with the thirty-three Australian University (IDP Education Australia).


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