What is the GRE test

What is the GRE test


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Test evaluation of graduates (GRE)

Test evaluation of graduates is the exam uniform is used to measure an individual's ability to abstract thinking in the areas of analytical writing, mathematics, vocabulary, and use many graduate schools this test to determine the eligibility of the applicant for the program, and is offered a test evaluation of graduates across the computer primarily, but can be provided Kamthan paper in areas that lack the appropriate computer networks. [1]

Test takers

You can graduate from the College of Graduate Studies, and businessmen from all over the world who are interested to pursue an MBA, or Master Specialist in the business, or doctoral degree, or doctoral degree take a test year, GRE, and comes applicants from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and provides test GRE public schools a common procedure for comparing the qualifications of the candidates, and is used to test scores by boards acceptance or fellowship to complete academic records, letters of recommendation and other qualifications to study at the graduate level. [2]

Test evaluation of graduates sections

Reflects the evaluation test graduates type of thinking to be adopted by the person at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, or Business Administration, and explains its readiness to work at the graduate level, the test consists of the following sections:

  • Inference verbal: measures the applicant's ability to analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it, and analyze the relationships between the component parts of sentences, and recognize relationships between words and concepts, [3] and understanding multiple of meaning levels, such as the intent literal, symbolic, and intentions the author, summarize the text, and the distinction between secondary points, and understand the meanings of words, sentences and full texts, and there is a focus on complex logical thinking skills. [2]
  • Quantitative thinking: measure the person's ability to solve problems, with a focus on the basic concepts of calculation, algebra, geometry and data analysis. [3]
  • Analytical Writing: measure critical thinking skills and analytical writing skills, specifically the ability to express complex ideas, and support clearly and effectively, [3] and the examination of claims and evidence associated with them, and there is a focus on analytical writing skills. [2]


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