What is the difference between a hemorrhoid and fistula

What is the difference between a hemorrhoid and fistula

Two different rheumatic diseases afflict man in the anal area, there is confusion most people and they do not know what we'll suffer the light and make it clear to the reader holy truth of both


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The difference between a hemorrhoid and fistula

Hemorrhoid is a bag in which vessels begin inside a bloody anus and grow and started to grow in size as a result of increased abdominal pressure either fistula it is an internal channel has two openings either slot Beshrj and either Palmstakim second external aperture around the anus

Types of hemorrhoid

A first Alakatr common among people and affects women and men of all ages and Baldat women in pregnancy and childbirth and the Kdlk \ yen suffer from chronic constipation as parents Dgton during the process so much defecation

The second type of fistulas is my father is caused by the presence of other digestive Amad such as colorectal cancer and Alkronz and Alasertv Kolic <device two diseases on the digestive system and afflict the Badian cases of severe diarrhea

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Symptoms according to hemorrhoids stage. In stage Loly and the second is an internal Alboisa and does not know about the patient only when bleeding from the anus when defecating in either the third stage and the fourth shall be patient complaint from repeated the descent of blood Raeian and itching in the anal area and not to control the exit of gases and pollution underwear some stool the Kdlk sense that there is something abnormal in the anal area and Ahina severe pain in the anus result is a clot inside the hemorrhoid or entrapment hemorrhoid outside the anus and repeat bleeding from hemorrhoids may lead to anemia and general weakness in the body

It is diagnosed with hemorrhoid process by examining the pain specialist MATH clinically doctor

Treatment of hemorrhoids

In the first and second stages of conservative treatment in the sense is that the patient that is advised to avoid constipation Bagliadah and a lot of drinking water and eating vegetables, fruits, and not straining at defecation and there are a lot of medications are used which do not eliminate the hemorrhoids, but eases together NH patient either in the third and fourth phases Vtanaj a surgical procedure either link hemorrhoids or injection of hemorrhoids or Amlbh for hemorrhoids Astesa

And fistula treatment

Usually it begins with the emergence of a painful tumor inside or outside the anus and usually delay the patient to review a specialist doctor, leading to an explosion Dimple and exit of pus and pus, followed by semi-out continuously for various fluids from this topic hole fistula Ntbjh and the presence of other diseases inside the rectum or colon may consist

Fistula treatment is usually surgical and must rush out into consideration Ada was fistulas caused by the presence of other diseases in the rectum or colon

Dr. Khaled Kamhiyah

For more information, you can watch a video in which you talk Dr. tune Alqrhgola specialist general surgery, breast and telescope on the difference between the fistula and hemorrhoid.


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