What is the diet of watermelon

What is the diet of watermelon


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Watermelon Diet

Helps diet watermelon in weight loss and reduce inflammation and clean the body of toxins, which is considered one of the most popular diets to cleanse the body, and this includes dieting short and strict period of deprivation, followed by a return to the usual diet, and during the first phase does not address the individual only watermelon and usually lasts for several days , and then the individual back to the usual diet by adding other foods gradually diet, according to the director of nutrition at Norrish Snack Jessica Marcus, this kind of diets appeal to people who possess the structure of a large body and the need for commitment to short to lose weight, which is considered the limited time for this accursed realistic goal can be achieved, in addition to that watermelon is good for health and has many nutritional benefits where provides a great deal of water, as little is calories and provides vitamins and minerals and helps the feeling of fullness. [1]

Diet plan diet watermelon

Can diet plan consists Bergam your melon of two types, namely: [2]

  • Long-term plan: These include a two-stage plan for the removal of toxins and eat small amounts of calories that help in weight loss, where the initial stage refers to the watermelon consumption for three days if the individual is healthy disease-free, and indicate the second phase to consumption watermelon for a period of 6-10 days and include more of other foods can carry out this plan for a period of three days by eating watermelon only, but in case followed for a period of 6-10 days can get a bowl of oatmeal or cheese slice with toasted bread with two slices or three of the watermelon as a snack in the middle of the day, but for lunch can get a salad or boiled chicken or fish breasts, and dinner can get watermelon.
  • Short-term plan: You can follow the diet melon for five days, by eating a slice of toasted bread and melon for breakfast, and after a period of green tea or black coffee, but for lunch can eat boiled chicken can eat a slice of whole wheat bread and watermelon again and dinner can eat two slices of watermelon and 100 grams of cooked rice with vegetables in a healthy or 100 grams of fish oil.

Guidelines to follow the diet of watermelon

Can follow the following tips to get the best results: [3]

  • It can be replaced by fruit juices sugary soda juice melon and water, through cutting half a cup of melon into small pieces and freeze them, then put it in a cup and add water, and can snack of cut watermelon while drinking water, where this juice contains 50 calories only.
  • Eating watermelon instead of candy, where watermelon contains useful nutrients for the body and nearly 8% of the water, and this can be eaten as a snack on watermelon slices as an alternative treatment of cakes, candies and ice cream are high in calories.


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