What is the diet of proteins

What is the diet of proteins


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Protein Diet

Diet is known proteins that diet through which focus on a diet rich in protein in order to lose weight, since eating protein foods contributes to increasing the ability to control hunger, but must be on a patient who is suffering from liver disease or kidney consult a specialist about the doctor the possibility of eating large amounts of protein, and is considered the best protein sources are those filled with sources of nutrients, and the poor to saturated fat and calories, such as lean meat, seafood, beans, eggs, nuts and seeds, for example, you can eat salmon for fish protein and omega-3 acids at the same time, can also eat beans, lentils; For fiber, and protein. [1]

When you follow the instructions for diet proteins

There are several guidelines and tips that should be adhered to when you follow the diet of proteins, including: [2]

  • Use one of the applications, or Web sites to calculate the amount of protein contained in different foods, where some sites provide valuable Web proteinuria for thousands of species of food.
  • Determine the amount of protein that must be addressed by multiplying the amount of body weight in kilograms by (2/1 to 6/1) grams.
  • Eat at least twenty-five to thirty grams of protein when you eat, where research has shown that eating 25 grams of protein at least during the diets contribute to weight loss, maintain muscle, and the promotion of health in general.
  • Diet included a mixture of animal and plant proteins, since eating this mixture of proteins contributes to getting better nutrition in general.
  • Focus on high-quality protein, such as: fresh meat, eggs, dairy products, and other sources of eating many sources rather than eating processed meat.
  • Get a balanced diet, so that added vegetables, fruits, different plant foods as well as foods rich in protein during meals.

The risk of following the diet proteins

There are many disadvantages and risks of the individual to follow the diet of proteins, including: [3]

  • Some sources lacked rich in protein to carbohydrates, leading to a weakness in nutrition, and access to fiber, which in turn lead to many problems such as bad breath, headache, and constipation.
  • Many more than diets rich in protein such as meat red, and full-fat dairy products, the risk of many different heart diseases.
  • Leads a diet rich in protein to the occurrence of many problems related to kidney, because the body can not get rid of all remnants of the process of metabolism of protein.


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