What is the crack

What is the crack

Computer Programs

Industry revolution and the development of software began in the second half of the last century, this revolution coincided with the spread of computers and its development, and in our time there is a lot of companies that make computer software, the world's largest in the software industry is Microsoft; Fsharkp Microsoft is one of the giants in this field, and the Windows operating system produced by this company occupies most of the computers in the world, and from other companies: IBM (IBM) Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Inc. Adobe, and others. And more software industry companies in the world are American companies, most of these companies are concentrated in California, specifically in the Silicon Valley area; Where these companies take from this region as its headquarters.

The programs provided by these companies are either free programs, and either software is free, and the software is free to be strong in the habit, with great potential, and in order to ensure that the right companies in their programs is free, and ensure that no infringement by copying, selling, commercial distribution and use without buying, these companies resort to licensing; Where users are required programs in this license, which guarantees the right through it, and this license is mostly in the form of a serial number must be entered in the license box inside the program, and this figure usually comes with the program when you buy it.


Crack, or English (Crack): is an infringement on the rights of the company in the program, which is produced by the license exceeded imposed by the company, or falsification of the license, and to use the program without purchase, copy, and distribute it, like a paid price, it is this infringement using many means.

And the word (Crack) bearing in English a lot of meanings, and meaning them to be in this place is breakage and destruction; Whoever resorts to crack as if the breaking and smashing the company's rights in the program, Falcrak is the theft of the program, and an assault on the rights of the company producing.

The crack is in many ways, and this means: the use of a small program called (crack), or (Patch / Patch); The software makes some modifications to the other program which is intended to be used without buying, breaking the rights of the company that produced it, and other means: the so-called (Incl / Keygen); The Incl is a small program that is based on the generation and the creation of fake serial numbers can be used in the software license. And it is sometimes breaking the company's rights in the program by replacing the file within another program.


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