What is the character Virgo

What is the character Virgo


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Recipes born Virgo

Born Virgo seeks to most of his life requirements to secure even a man does not need in a period of adulthood and old age, he is an active and hates unemployment and begging others need, how much is characterized by its ability to determine their own destiny more than any other himself, he is brave for being able to make decisions and carry the results no matter how positive or negative himself, along with his ability to analysis and criticism, where he sees small details unlike ordinary people, even life and future affairs, which qualifies him to success often, and born Virgo rarely dream and imagine things, shows the tension constant concern seems to be preoccupation with the ongoing matters intellectual make modern mood, and knows him that he hates laziness, negligence and stupidity, he is keen to accomplish its tasks quickly and mastery .aattabr born of the Virgin Sevstaiaa innately meaning tower they love controversy and debate in different things .imil born Virgo to adhere to the customs and traditions of his sense of reassurance and comfort to it. As born is known for his love of the Virgin of others to help the tower. [1]

Recipes Aladhire man

Cares about Virgos detail and fine events Tower, and tend to focus on things side, they are people known for their ambition and special diligence with regard to matters of work, and because of their determination to succeed, they are usually what they get good jobs and live up the career ladder, trying to owners of this tower of excellence and influence on others their way attractive and striking, relying so entirely on reason and logic, as a man characterized by the Virgin with distinction his character and balance tower and enthusiasm at the same time, and has the ability to adapt to different whatever the circumstances were, so altering the atmosphere it either at work or with others does not constitute him difficulty, and enjoy the achievement of achievements and get success, and proud of this, as is characterized by ambition and self-confidence, trying to do to reach its end, this is referred to as a personal passionate love learning all that is new, and find out everything that surrounds them, with the discovery of the exact details, for the external appearance of the Virgin is neat since a man tactless person, practical, wise as well, but he may be tempted to worry sometimes too much. [2]

Recipes Female Virgo

The woman Virgo charming, smart, and critic, like the analysis of the characters, and have the ability to govern logically on the actions of others different positions, and tend to make everything around them organized and arranged, to be able entrusted to accomplish tasks, a process personal pay much attention to small details, as is the female character Virgo sensitive, and care who are around, the priority and give them in her life, and is also modest and studious figure in her life and in the scope of work, and enjoy the enthusiasm towards the goals that deserve it, and do everything have to achieve success, and up to what you want, also referred to as female Virgin is elegant, clean and tidy Onth interested in the outer appearance often in the habit, a personal quiet and enjoyed a lot of patience, but sometimes you may become angry personality, or personal feelings and emotions affluent. [3]

Born of the Virgin and the life process tower

Featuring born Virgo ability to analysis, Aekl hard, practical and dedication to work, and the search for a solution to any problem they may be exposed, which raises their status and rank in the work, which requires a well-organized, intelligent with the surrounding circumstances, and the ability to solve problems, resulting in dealing to work close to perfection. Fits Virgos work tower being a library loves to read books, or in the Music Center, also like to help others, which entitles them to work as doctors or nurses, or psychologists, and believe that spending money and extravagance which is bad and usually not serious should stay away from them, so they cling always practical solutions that do not cost a lot of money, it is possible to be a defect in some cases, they lack the fun. [4]

Virgos social life tower

Born Virgo are counselors are excellent on a high degree of maturity, always know how to solve the problem, which makes others accept them to hear their views wealthy, on the other hand, highlights the need to search for the problem in everything and in around them, too, and in the case of a strong relationship with understand the other trust them so great, and cherish them for years and are trying their evidence in every way possible, and for the family born Virgo understanding dedicated to the very families and pay attention to the elderly and sick, and understand the customs and traditions, and bear responsibility towards them, they are proud of their upbringing and making known to them. [5]

Defects born Virgo

Taken extra virgin born analysis tower often, leading to a loss in the details, and the lack of peace of mind until all issues are resolved. Besides, satisfying and longer or convince the Virgin arduous task tower, because anything less perfect in their view does not lead to access to the end, they are people Atzmon frank and telling the truth, which may be harsh sometimes, especially when talking with people around them and those close to them, it is noteworthy that born Virgo is a conservative figure does not accept the modern and different views from the conventional approach was due to the need to ensure the certainty of the result, and can not ignore the errors because nothing less than perfection is not good enough for them, it is worth mentioning to Mania was born of the Virgin cleanliness tower and order and arrangement, and they followed the strict personality, emerges from this trait organization largely in the work and home, which can be up to red tape somewhat redundant, it is possible to reach this obsession to controversy especially sometimes between couples. [ 6]


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