What is the character of Taurus

What is the character of Taurus


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Born in Taurus were born in the period from 20 April to 20 May, the second tower in terms of arranging astronomical towers, one of the towers astronomical one of the dirt towers, where there are four classifications of astronomical towers there are water towers, fireworks, air, and dirt, and each of us friends or relatives or acquaintances of the Taurus, so let us know dear readers together in this article on the character of Taurus. [1]

Personal Taurus

Is believed to be born Taurus love to go out in the day time, they prefer the sun as they are sensible, too, and are characterized by the character of solid stubborn and this character reflects a desire born bull to reach their goals different from the others in a way, and does not like baby boomers bull gain material tower and interested in the final result and knowledge in If they won or did not win, in addition to the distinctiveness of knowledge and love of curiosity and can therefore rely on the bull born in various positions. [1]

Is believed to be born in Taurus are characterized also Pthfezhm, they do not tend to risk and adventure various affairs of life as they prefer to enjoy different things on their own away from their group they prefer unity from being the center of a group of people, who are true friends and eternal friendship and the word stability is a keyword in the life of born bull, and prefer to wait and think careful and not to rush to make decisions and things in his life, also features born Taurus hardly change his character or change the temperament with the changing seasons, unlike the rest of the towers it is characterized by Beslapth and its ability to invest his time with something useful. [2]

Believes that the strengths of the Taurus include they Trusted people, but their weakness may include stubbornness, extreme love of possession, and because Taurus is the earth sign, believed that they are able to see life from a realistic perspective and different from others, and believed that although the stubbornness may be one of their weaknesses, it can be seen as a positive feature because it enables them to stay in the same projects for several years or even finish them, which makes them employers excellent, and great friends for life, is also believed that the Taurus has a love of beauty, gravity, and satisfaction , and gratitude. [3]

Taurus emotionally

Is believed to be born Taurus born very passionate, very romantic it appreciates the relationship and harmony through which seeks to form his small family, and go live bull to an extreme and excessive in order to make life partner happy and he does not consider the sacrifice because of his feelings and emotions Alqoah.o has a strong desire to share his life and his dreams with someone special for him, as preferred born bull long-lasting friendships as well as a long-term romantic relationships, and for women bull sees men out as traditional which woman may cause him to boredom and she is a woman jealous of the reasons may be deemed frivolous and that it does not Tatlav mistakes easily. [4]

Family and friendship when Taurus

Is believed to be born bull is always ready to extend the tower hand of friendship to others, despite the difficulty of building trust contacts new social when configured, it is believed that many of their friendships begin in childhood predicted Bastmrarka lifetime with, and once they connect well and obviously with someone else, they They will do what they can to strengthen the relationship and make the process even in difficult times. [5]

Believes that the family, the house is one of the things are very important for each born Taurus, where he is believed to be born in this tower love children, and appreciate the time spent with people who love them, and have to respect the routine of family, customs and traditions, and are believed to be characterized by permanent their presence in all events gatherings, also enjoy hosting concerts home to their families and friends, and do not mind cooking a meal for a room full of persons if they enjoy in return. [5]

Love at Taurus

It believes that one partner who was born in Taurus to be always ready for patience; Understanding are very sensitive, and thought they usually create a good and wonderful relationships with family members, but for long-term relationships, believed that they often choose people from the same environment, social capable of responding to their needs intellectual, and the expectations of their families and friends close as well, and they have stuck to a large traditional values and the practical side of life, and is believed to be born in this tower rarely choose a partner is not commensurate with the basic things in their upbringing, often shows the Taurus receives attention through gifts and material things. [5]

Professional life at Taurus

It is believed to be born Taurus love money and working hard to gain, and are believed to be Trusted always people, and they love hard work, and have patience while working as an employee or a person in a managerial position, but when doing a specific project, believed to be born in the bull will adhere to it strongly, regardless of what is happening in the world around them, and also believes that stability is the key to understanding the work routine they have, as the search for physical pleasures and rewards is a real need to build a sense of personal value, and achieve a luxury lifestyle and practical. [5]

Is believed to be born organized bull well financial resources tower, and expects them to pay all your bills without delay, and believed that they care about their salary pensions and bear responsibility considerably, formulate and provide some money to the harsh days of life, and believe that the professions that suit them substantially: agriculture, banking business, art, and any function involving cooking skills, and they love music, cooking, high-quality dresses, business and crafts, romance, planting gardens, hate sudden fluctuations, and the complexities of life, industrial fabrics, and the lack of security in the life of any kind and whatever was his field. [5]

Video personality of Taurus

To get to know the personality of Taurus View Video:


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