What is the Capricorn Tower specifications

What is the Capricorn Tower specifications

Capricorn is the period starting by the second and the twentieth of the month of December, and expire at the end of the nineteenth day of January each year. And born in that period follow Capricorn astronomer, and many thought of those who see Allvkih effects on people in life that the birth of each person his character sets, according to the astronomical tower, where the human view of the old that the full moon causes cases of grief when some people, in addition to the changes man observed by the surrounding nature, these changes felon celestial link, where select human since ancient tidal movement and the islands linked to the moon, and select as well as the harvest seasons and flood and agriculture by the stars, and I think that those celestial bodies, whether stars or planets can influence the course of nature, and therefore can affect the human. And from here astronomical observations towers ability to influence came in the birth figures.

And personal specifications for Capricorns, it can be said that the baby boomers tower born to be members of good and useful members of their communities, as Capricorns enjoy a high degree of commitment and adherence to the values ​​and customs and traditions that make them good citizens, and be under rational is not subject to the whims of others, and if it was born in Capricorn follow orders against their will in the beginning, but because they knew that the rational solution is to follow those orders, and can be born Capricorn himself finds the solution and always justification for his actions. So born Capricorn succeed in obtaining satisfaction superiors, and fluent as well as dealing with staff who headed. And natural to find that a person born in Capricorn in the job graded quickly and become a successful manager later. He is also a personal love for the family and home, and that his presence is considered the center of his family give him a measure of security.

As for more negatives that can be found in baby boomers Capricorn they claim, where he claims born Capricorn knowledge of many things, especially in front of business owners or social superficial relationships, so as to draw attention and not to appear ignorant, which signed in many situations embarrassing. It is also characterized by his passion for leadership and passion for it even though it is misplaced in many cases.


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