What is the best treatment for crack

What is the best treatment for crack

Man needs to eat always, to provide him with energy necessary for him to do carry on its daily activities, but this food the body can not benefit from it without digestion, so Allah made human organ Himaa in the body of his mission to digest food to convert it into energy, which benefits the human body, It starts the digestive system from the mouth to the anus, sometimes there may be specific reasons behind the occurrence of troublesome problems in the anal area, and most of these common problems are split.


  • 1 Definition of rift
  • 2 more reasons leading to the rift
  • 3 symptoms Bacharkh
  • 4 treatment of rift

Rift definition

Rift is an injury to the anal area Pettmzqat in the skin, which leads to friction between the skin and mucous membranes below, causing severe pain to the injured person.

More reasons leading to the rift

  • Solid wastes which are fossilized, when out these wastes, they occur wounds and cracks in the anal area.
  • Diarrhea, because the effluent is working to weaken the tissue surrounding the area, as Thtoye acids that will cause burned to death in the skin in that area.
  • Knit region by nails.
  • Eating spicy foods and warm considerably.

Symptoms of infection Bacharkh

A person who suffers from this problem shows the following symptoms and signs:

  • The sensation of pain, one of the most troublesome symptoms, and usually shows this pain when out waste and lasts for a period ranging between 5-14 hours.
  • Sometimes red blood with waste color may be observed.
  • Swelling.
  • Itching anal.
  • Urinary problems.

Fissure treatment

To remedy this difficult problem can follow the following methods:

  • Eating high-fiber foods and liquids frequently, because they prevent waste hardness be severe wounds that occur in the anal area.
  • Children are advised to put powder on that region, because it keeps dry and thus reduce the friction that occurs during the day.
  • Stay away from foods or beverages that cause diarrhea.
  • Not scratching the region nail, because it exacerbates the problem considerably, Valozafar works to increase the cracks in that area and therefore skin irritation significantly.
  • Use some creams that contain a substance hydrocortisone, which acted from pharmacies without a prescription, as doctors are also advised to use creams containing vitamins A and B, because they help heal wounds quickly.
  • To refrain from eating spicy and spicy foods.
  • Action bath hot water for the area, so by filling the bathtub with hot water and sit in it.
  • In case the sitting causes pain can use special cushions to sit on and are available in pharmacies.
  • Drying area carefully and is attached.
  • You can also use gels or creams Alumblynp before entering the bathroom because it is working to facilitate the exit of waste.

For more information, you can watch a video in which you talk Dr. tune Alqrhgola specialist general surgery, breast and binoculars for anal fissure.


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