What is the benefit of pomegranate peel

What is the benefit of pomegranate peel

The benefit of pomegranate peel

Many of us get rid of the peel fruits and vegetables after ingested or used, including pomegranate peel; Because they believe that the major interest lies in the fruit itself, and this belief is completely wrong; Because Chaff a lot of important and useful nutrients, which in turn back on the body much of the benefits, we will address the most important are as follows:

  • Effective against heart disease: because it contains many of the substances with anti characteristics of the processes of oxidation harmful to the body, which in turn reduces the ratio of LDL cholesterol in the body, which leads often to the so-called stress-oxidative, and all this reduces the likelihood of infection with lots of problems and heart disease .
  • Detoxification: the substances with anti-oxidation properties of operations, are also struggling toxins and impurities accumulated in the body, thus helping to expel from the body.
  • A rich source of vitamin C: often you may have to buy Alvitamnaat that are too expensive, and do not realize that we can get them very easily and at the lowest possible cost of pomegranate peel; It contains large amounts of vitamin C, which in turn works to increase the body's ability to heal wounds that infect tissues and cells, and reduces the scarring, is also a strong factor to support body mass, as well as to improve the health of the cartilage and bones of the body.
  • Dental Health: enters Chaff often in industry powders and pastes for teeth, and put them in the amount of water helps to eliminate the bad smell of the mouth.
  • Useful for cough and sore throat: Many medical research has shown that Chaff helps to alleviate coughing, by putting it in the amount of water and rinsing it to relieve throat infections and eliminate them gradually.
  • Effective moisturizer: because it contains ellagic acid, which prevents dehydration of the skin cells, and thus keep the skin moist as long as possible, and this is very important healthy hand; Because dehydration leads often to the skin cell damage.
  • Shield from the sun: by preventing Ohotai UVA and UVB passage which kts from the sun.
  • Anti-aging and wrinkles: indicate many of the research and studies that chaff if mixed with seeds labeled oil Albrookulagain, it prevents the formation of enzymes responsible for the disintegration of collagen, strengthening the ability of cells skin growth on the other hand, and thus delayed the appearance of wrinkles signs and various aging.


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