What is the benefit of olive oil for hair

What is the benefit of olive oil for hair


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olive oil

Olive oil is a golden liquid color, is produced by the olive era, and has many benefits to the human body, it is analgesic for the pain of arthritis and back pain, and the processor for kidney problems and others, olive oil is used mainly in the kitchens, especially kitchens Middle East in addition to its use in the field Medicine, which is rich in fat and vitamins useful nutrients.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Many benefits to the health of human olive oil from these benefits:

  • Increase the elasticity of the arteries which reduces the incidence of arterial thrombosis and heart attacks.
  • Olive oil is important to get rid of acne and prevent his appearance, and is important to get rid of wrinkles that appear with age.
  • It is important for cancer prevention and treatment.
  • It is considered an important source of food, because it is rich in fat and vitamins useful, and helps to get rid of excess weight.
  • Strengthen the immune system in the human body.
  • Treatment of respiratory system problems; Such as asthma.
  • Improve the working memory.

The benefits of olive oil for hair

Of the most important of hair oils is olive oil, which is a very rich source of useful material for hair growth, and the benefits of more olive oil hair the importance of the following:

  • Soothe hair, supplied health and shiny appearance.
  • Address the problem of dry hair.
  • Moisturizing the scalp and providing them with the necessary food for their health.
  • Reducing hair loss problems.
  • Is important to stimulate hair growth and lengthened rapidly and healthy.
  • Treatment of the problem of lice.
  • Get rid of dandruff annoying.
  • Maintain natural hair color, not the appearance of white hair prematurely.

Mixtures of olive oil for hair care

You can mix olive oil and other ingredients for a doubling of the benefits of hair, and these mixtures:

  • A mixture of olive oil with cinnamon and honey: where this mixture is placed on the head for a quarter of an hour, and then is a good shampooing, and this mixture helps in solving the problem of hair loss.
  • Olive oil with oil mixture tea: where the mixing amount of olive oil with a few drops of oil tree tea tree, and put on the hair, must be covered and left the whole night, and then are washed in the morning, and this helps the mixture in solving the crust problem.
  • Olive oil mixture and castor oil: where are placed two quantities equal of both types on the scalp and hair, and must be heated before using it and put it after it becomes cool, and placed on the head through a massage for ten minutes and then wash well. This mixture helps wetting the hair and take advantage of the benefits of many types.


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