What is the American Football

What is the American Football


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Is the American Football sport played by two teams, each consisting of 11 players and held games on the stadium is rectangular with an area of ​​100.34 square meters, has a goal lines on the ends, and the ball used in the games are a ball distended close shape oval and made of bovine leather or rubber, sports and this depends on the team that holds the ball, move the ball to the other side of the pitch through jogging or passed, while the opponent must stop the other team's progress and possession of the ball. [1]

The history of American Football

American football evolved from my game world football and rugby English, but it is different from the game of football world that allows players to touch the ball and carry it into their own hands and throw it, as different from the game of rugby English that allows two teams to control the ball and rotation in the possession, featured this game in the continent North America, specifically in the United States of America, and was able to switch to a favorite sport among American fans. [2]

I got to play American football to Canada a little bit different to paralyze includes 12 players, but could not achieve the same popularity occupied by the game of ice hockey there that, you can not spread globally as is the case with other American sports; Kalpespol basketball, and in the eighties of the last century managed the American League professional football teams and the establishment of unions in the European continent, has also helped to expand television popularity at the international level. [2]

Games for American Football

Duration of the game is divided American football into four quarters, for each quarter, including 15 of minutes, come break the end of the first half between the second and third quarter of the game, and if not to decide the outcome of the match after a stroke four are to add an additional 15-half minutes, and is considered the team which records the first goal in extra time is the winner of the team. [3]

Although the official game for only one hour, but the football matches Allomrakih usually stretch for three or four hours, with any stop playing team can in the event of running out of bounds, or throwing a pass is incomplete, or request time, as is stop playing for two minutes at each warning, and two minutes to observe before the end of the second and fourth quarters. [3]


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