What is love and what is marriage

What is love and what is marriage


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definition of love

We have differed philosophers, scientists and artists over time in defining the concept of love precisely because of the nature of what is incomprehensible contained exceptional feelings of the individual exposed a few times in his life and can not pin down immediately; But it has difficulty often in understanding this feeling cherished, and it is worth drawing attention to that love is not just love one person to another person and by; Indeed, the man has an animal loves for example, or you may love an abstract concept such as freedom, and therefore love multiple definitions resulting from these differences, some Viarafh that: "a strong sense of attachment to the need and vulnerability", others know that: "a person's willingness to prefer someone else himself, "or that" the choice of a person's commitment to helping a person and a certain respect and interest ", and so the love of many concepts vary depending on the angle at which seen them to this unique feeling. [1]

Defining the marriage

Marriage is known in all human societies as a declaration of two people linked to each other in order to create a new independent family involved in the great humanitarian community, and is based on the understanding of health, communication and mutual respect between the family, all members who binds them to love starting with the family as the basis, namely the couple responsible primarily for the quality of their lives and the lives of their children, also known as marriage as transmission of one of the life of celibacy and the individual to a life of full partnership, which will require a lot of effort to keep this partnership on a high level of success and reconciliation which will reflect positively on the parties to the relationship concerned and on the society as a whole, and defines marriage as well as holding the bond between a man and a woman lasts for life -as Ifterd- is not annulled, but divorce or abandonment decision by one of the parties or by agreement between them, but basically knows that a contract is based on the eternal, and the couple's respect for this concept are fully respected and given what must be in order to achieve stability and its continuity, and of course have different views on the definition of a common definition of marriage, but in the end lead to the same concept. [2] [3]

The difference between love and marriage

Love and marriage is associated with each other closely, and they, of course, influence and are influenced by each other but each with specific characteristics and attributes are different, and can differentiate between them in terms of several aspects, and the differences can be summarized in the following points: [4]

  • Marriage is an option in the basic concept, while not a love choice, man can choose the person who will complete his life, according to the principles and values ​​adopted is consistent with its terms of reference and with the principles and his vision for the overall life, while no one can choose the person who will fall with him in love ; This is because a sudden love feeling human entices without being chosen specifically and this is what makes a marriage based on love choice while making free choices.
  • Love and marriage are not a requirement for each other, but they may Akunan separate or present both at the same time, the man may choose someone to marry without the already loved him and this is due to several reasons may be religious, cultural, social or otherwise, while a person may love someone but may not Tsafhma circumstances that preclude this love into a permanent relationship to the marriage contract, so the presence of one does not require the presence of the other necessarily.
  • Marriage is a rite in human societies, a weather-based advertising through the ceremony to announce the move between women and men, but love is a relationship not by publicity; Because they do not need to be protected by law Icheranha and also needs to marry.
  • Marriage requires the full commitment of both parties, so as required by the relationship of the duties and rights recognized in the community where the couple live, while not considered love as well as in terms of required full commitment; But it requires a commitment in part often is not considered anything but it is customary rights and duties of the parties to the relationship determined by themselves.
  • The couple lives in one house, in order to form an independent family, but the lovers do not live in the same house until the marriage contract between them and that including norms of society and had been an laws of religion.
  • Love is a feeling of family oriented, children, friends and others, but the marriage is between men and women.

Love after marriage

Most people yearn to permanence the way they loved them if they got love before marriage, which makes them Mouhouman that love is only those romantic linking Almtahabin, but that distract them from the fact that love the different forms that multiple after marriage, if the love of what before standing marriage on Wanderer beloved and time think about the love after him lies in a lot of small and large details Kahtmam wife's clothes her husband and his food and all its affairs, and also the attention of the husband the comfort of his wife by providing everything you need to ensure a carefree her life, so love after marriage takes shape another attention rather than a shift in sentiment itself; Valchkassan, who married after love Christmlan with them the same feelings and Iholanha to a practical reality that aims to improve the quality of life weary, and so is the love that develops after marriage; It is love based on the length of the ten aims as the first to find comfort and happiness between the couple Ihzia beautiful life devoid of estrangement, as well as it is the key factor for the survival of the couple at a higher level of communication and understanding, without love and respect will not be the life of Luster. [5] [6]


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