What is fistula and what are the symptoms

What is fistula and what are the symptoms

The fistula or (Fistula) as they are called in English from one of the health problems that have emerged in the recent period in abundance. Can be defined Fistula briefly as a small channel produced between the inner cavity of a member of the body for one reason or another and another cavity in the body or even with the surface of the skin, has been one of the reasons are that lead to the occurrence of this is the lack of attention to personal hygiene to man, and also constitutes an abscess in that area and then turning to the fistula, and other reasons, as there exist multiple types of fistula, including those that affect the anus and the rectum area, such as anal fistula and fistula Alasaa and others.

The channel produced or the hole in the case of anal fistula make it visible or implied, and varies depending on the height and length and take the shape of a horseshoe, and the result of this fistula are abscesses and pus frequently and also can result in a grain may bleed from time to time, and the reasons for form this type of fistula incidence abscess is the most common causes, and the least common presence of cancer and chronic inflammation of the intestine and the other, but for fistula sacrococcygeum is caused by hair enter into the slot resulting, so-called bag hair or fistula capillary consists in the lower back area and sometimes in between the fingers and under the armpit in the navel area, which usually affects men who have thick hair, and in general may be the reason for the formation of fistula is a congenital defect.

For the symptoms associated with the occurrence of fistula are represented in the irritating pain in the anal area may increase during the defecation process, inflammation surrounding the anus area, swelling and Antvah in that area, in addition to a discharge pus or Sididip, or mucous discharge of a substance with severe itching and severe pain . Feel infected fistula fatigue and general weakness in the body, and in advanced cases may accompany the form of fistula rise in body temperature and here must resort to a doctor to address this problem, where is the body temperature rises above normal for any reason is very dangerous to human health.

As for complications of fistula are represented in the worsening of symptoms, Vagh in the anal area increases as well as increases with the amount of secretions Alsididah and pyogenic, as well as increasing the amount of bad smell fluids, as well as gases and feces to the areas surrounding the anus, with the inability of the body to control and control the degree of dirty underwear is infected, and this in turn causes the increased incidence of infections once again, as it may cause a blockage in the slot or external channel fistula again become purulent, causing higher temperature and pain.

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