What is characterized by Sagittarius

What is characterized by Sagittarius


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It is one of the towers motorcycle that belongs to each of the pregnancy and the lion, extending his term between (22-11 to 21-12).


Sagittarius is compatible with the fiery towers motorcycle pregnancy and the lion, and is compatible with the wind towers Kjawza and Libra and Aquarius.

One of the most famous tower: singer Hani Shaker ... poet Khalil Gibran ... singer Assi Halani ... Singer George Wassouf ... .. Churchill and artist Mervat Amin.

Features man Sagittarius

Characterized by Sagittarius as an energetic person dynamic, persistent and ambitious, independent self-contained, optimistic no matter how difficult and important accumulated problems and calamities, he can create a new and useful from the womb of suffering, do not despair, very frank, cheerful and the owner of a joke, lends an atmosphere full of humor and joy at all his friends who enjoy coming with him and are waiting impatiently.

Born Sagittarius loves Almkhazer, is not afraid to experiment no matter how serious it is foolhardy bridges far, and enjoys considerable autonomy in his life and decisions, and loves to travel, continuous mobility, and to identify new places, loves sumptuous liberal, and hated each entry can be hampered or limits its potential and aspirations, also features live bow sharp intelligence and agility, generous cream and compassionate and affectionate, kind-hearted, sincere in his words and deeds, gives others confidence falls into the trap of betrayal often, and live the role of the victim sometimes many, bow creature related to children liked their presence and Mxthm, realistic and worthy confidence.

Features woman Sagittarius

Woman simple bow good and smart, always looking for love and stability, love children, seeking others to share in their problems, but they are unable to solve their problems personal, do not like the restrictions and responsibilities and likes to evade them and upload them to others. Sometimes dealing with their problems passively and do not take her not.

General defects Sagittarius

Taken born Sagittarius he does not like the restrictions do not take responsibility loves freedom and comfort, and some see what Anania looking to achieve their aspirations without being indifferent to others. Tongue sharp as anger, cynical and stinging critic. Sometimes cocky and confident himself redundant, as it has a clear personality contradictions. Dry and sometimes arrogant.


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