What is characterized by Capricorn

What is characterized by Capricorn


  • 1 Capricorn 1.1 What distinguishes Capricorn 1.2 qualities of a man of Capricorn 1.3 qualities of Capricorn women
  • 1.1 What distinguishes Capricorn
  • 1.2 qualities of a man of Capricorn
  • 1.3 qualities of Capricorn women


Capricorn is the tenth of the twelve constellations tower of the zodiac, which is earthy tower starts atheist twenty of December until the nineteenth of January, characterized by baby boomers tower in general ambition, commitment, reservation, patience, trust, calm, both the gray, black, blue favorite colors they have, while considered all of agate and turquoise gems have the best.

The most important characteristic of Capricorn

  • Very quiet, and follows what is going on from afar.
  • Avoid entering into any problems or fight.
  • Adapt to the circumstances of his life, which helps him to adapt to any combination.
  • Romantic, and has a gorgeous view, eyes bright.
  • In some cases, surrounded by a halo of gloom.
  • Loves and glorifies the power, and sanctified habits and customs.
  • Vmhbvb social.
  • Does not like to interfere in the affairs of others, and do not bother others.

Qualities of a man of Capricorn

The man of Capricorn is characterized by many good qualities; We find it seriously, and the will, diligence, order, and arrangement, careful, careful, and always likes to know the unknown, as he is a man active loving work, and leads his work to the fullest, and leadership depends on himself, and does not like that in which one controls, a creative thinker and a stubborn and quick to anger, but in love is a lover, but it may be delayed in marriage, where he warned, and does not provide any step easily, and the man of Capricorn loves the organization of women that have the ability to raise children, and the management of the house, as it should be cook skilled, and a spokeswoman tactful and fluent yarn, energetic.

Capricorn women recipes

Capricorn women is a social woman first class, where he can not live without friends, and believes in the principle of gender equality, and does not allow that led to easily man, because of the sharp wits, strong character, strong and self-confidence, have the ability to define their objectives and access to it, even if made great effort; Because they have the patience and steadfastness to achieve the goals and dreams, as it is a traditional woman tend to the old things, and do not seek to fashion even in the form and in her clothes, they tend to the classic style, the minute a woman and the organization does not provide any work or project or marriage only after a very careful study , which is sensitive and shy, and she loves to be the focus of attention, not only accept to be the first, a love for adventure, but in love they do not offer it easily because they are afraid of the wound and treachery.


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