What is Ask.fm

What is Ask.fm


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Site Ask.fm

Ask.fm is the site of e-networking sites, particularly to ask questions, who shall co-create his own, and receives them questions from the audience Ask.fm or even from the Ask.fm himself, where he will present one question every day and gives the common 24 hours to answer it, but the subscriber can search for questions from a special menu to answer them, and at the subscriber to receive questions from the audience Ask.fm it can know who are the questions of, or come from an unknown concealed his name when asked the question. Are often common networks page on Ask.fm with other subscriber pages (Facebook, twetter, google plus, Tumblr, Goodreades) book, often celebrity Ask.fm page to answer creates questions from their fans, but this site is not just for celebrities, he is is available to the public.

Create site Ask.fm

Established Ask.fm since 2010 and increasing his fame until it became the most important networking sites and email now, it is easy to handle simple and excite some curiosity, the existence of who cares SIMs and ask him personal questions were the same welcome from the public, but it can be avoided questions nagging, by rejecting The question is simply, which is available separately as an application for phones and tablet devices via the Apple store and PlayStation Googleplex stores, Homtah in Arabic.

Features site Ask.fm

Feature to receive questions from an unknown, perhaps this feature double-edged, Vboutrh questions anonymously will not expect to be of the kind that can be raised, even from a friend face to face, but you'll also know how others see your personality, and how they think of you, and of course it mutual, any user can ask questions and answer questions asked, the site Ask.fm is a competitor first site formspring, but I surpasses it and reached exceeded the figure of 22 million subscribers so far, there are some services (non-free) on the site such as sending a gift to a friend, with a gift worth less Jordanian from two dinars.

Disadvantages site Ask.fm

Some rude often when they know that no one is watching them or judge them, and perhaps this is what happens to some of the site Ask.fm, sometimes thus exposing the inconvenience of (anonymous), is one way to avoid it? Of course, like all social networking sites ban property (block) exists, but you can after this ban unknown Go to settings, and the settings you can consider a list of blocked, to see simply the name of the person is prohibited, and this within you site protection from the hassle and questions shamelessly.


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